When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 511

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The topic was a little heavy, and Avery found it hard to clear her thoughts at that moment, so she changed the topic. “Could you please wash an apple for me? Thank you.”

Elliot immediately washed an apple and passed it to her.

“Have some too,” Avery said awkwardly. She sat up with the apple in her hand.


It was pouring outside but silent indoors.

After Avery finished the apple, she lay in bed. She was still conflicted as to whether she should allow him to share the bed with her.

The rain caused the temperature to drop significantly. The room lacked a radiator. If he were to sleep on the desk, he would catch a cold.

However, Avery could not find it in her to share her bed with him. A moment later, Elliot came out of the washroom after his shower. He asked her whether she wanted to switch off the lights.

Avery responded and Elliot switched off the lights.

Instantly, the room was plunged into darkness. Avery waited for him to come over, but… Elliot walked over to the desk instead. It looked like he was planning to spend the night on the desk.

“You have never cared about my feelings before? Why are you pretending to be a gentleman now?” Avery could not hide the anger in her voice. “Are you trying to freeze to d***h!”

Elliot did not expect Avery to suddenly get angry. He turned on the lights. Avery was blinded by the light. She immediately pulled the covers over her head.

Elliot strode over to her bed and pulled the covers away, exposing her flushed face.

“Avery, you hate me because I ignored your feelings. I don’t want to continue making the same mistakes.”

Avery was a little bewildered. “W-Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?”

“I didn’t bring any.”

“Then, don’t take a shower!” Avery was so furious she felt dizzy. “What are you still waiting for? Get in bed!”

Avery had suspected that Elliot had intentionally not brought any clothes with him. It was his way of gaining her pity.

Elliot lay next to her in bed. She was warmed by his heat.

She reacted. This was not only a ruse, it was also seduction!

They arrived at Avonsville Airport two days later.

Mike and Chad picked them up. Elliot was carrying Avery’s bag in one hand while his other arm was draped around her. He was afraid that someone would bump into her. There were many people who were disembarking.

The four of them came out of the airport.

After Elliot placed her bag in the trunk of Mike’s car, Avery said, “Go home.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Their voices were low and soft, but Chad and Mike heard them clearly.

“What the h**l!” They silently swore.

Only three days had passed, and they were already at this point in their relationship?

Before they had left, they were enemies torturing each other!

After getting in their cars, the two cars drove in different directions.

“Avery, is there anything you want to tell me?” said Mike. “Why are you so weak?! You had almost died the last time, and you were furious with him, and yet, it only took him three days to wear you down and win you over?!”

Avery rubbed her temples. “Nothing happened between him and me.”

“You agreed to let him come to our place tomorrow! How could you call this nothing? You never let him enter our house!” Mike said loudly. “B****y h**l! Don’t tell me that you two are planning to get remarried tomorrow?”

Avery was stunned by Mike’s reply.

“I never thought about getting remarried.” Avery picked up a bottle, twisted the cap off, and took a sip. She said calmly, “Although he has been good to me for the past few days, who knows if it is because of the child in me?”