When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 515

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 515

“Elliot the evil man! He kissed me here!” Layla pointed at her plump cheeks. She began to calm down.

“My Dirtbag Dad kissed me, does that mean that he likes me?” she wondered. However, she had not decided to forgive him yet!

Elliot walked over to Avery and apologized sincerely, “Avery, I’m sorry. I was just entranced by how adorable Layla is— which was why I could not help myself.”

This was the first time Avery had heard such a self-justified apology.

“I know my daughter is cute, but I just can’t have people kiss her because they find her cute. If everyone who finds her cute kisses her, then how can she be expected to lead a normal life?” Although Avery was reprimanding him, she could not help the conflicted feelings welling up inside her.

Elliot was a person who could control his desires. “Did he kiss Layla because of the parental bond that they shared?” she wondered.

“Layla, I’m sorry,” Elliot apologized to Layla once more. “I’ll let you hit me, okay?”

Elliot stretched out his hand to Layla. Layla immediately grabbed his hand, pulled it toward her, and it bit it!

Avery and Elliot were dumbfounded. She was like a feral cat! Although she was small in stature, she bit him hard. Elliot felt her teeth bite into his flesh.

“Layla, stop biting!” Avery patted Layla on the shoulder. “If you hurt him, who is going to cook dinner for us?”

Layla obeyed Avery and immediately released Elliot.

Elliot quickly retracted his hand and placed it behind his back. When Avery saw Elliot’s sheepish behavior, her heart softened slightly.

She dragged him away from the living area.

“Hayden, did you see it?” said Mike to Hayden after analyzing the situation. “Elliot has tricks up his sleeves! First, he kissed Layla, then he pretended to be hurt in front of your Mommy. Layla isn’t that strong. How could she have hurt him…”

As he said that, he snuck a glance at Layla. He noticed that there were a few drops of blood staining her lips.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Layla! You didn’t have to use that much strength. If you hurt him, how is he going to cook dinner for us?” Mike said awkwardly.

Layla blinked and l****d her lips. “His hand smelled good. I couldn’t help myself. Woo, woo…”

“Are you hungry?” Mike carried Layla into the kitchen.

“Hmm. Will Mommy be mad at me?” Layla was suddenly a little worried.

“She won’t. It’s that dirtbag who kissed you first. You should do whatever you like when you face someone like him,” said Mike. “If your Mommy blames you, I’ll stand up for you!”

Avery took Elliot into a room. There was plenty of medication in the room.

“I’m sorry, Layla doesn’t know her strength.” Avery blamed herself for the bite marks on his palm. It was even starting to bleed. “You don’t have to make dinner today.”

Elliot said distractedly, “I’m fine. I’ll wear gloves while cooking. It doesn’t matter.”

“Why did you kiss Layla?” Avery lowered her gaze. She cleaned his wound with some disinfectant she had.

“Because she looks like you. When I look at her, it feels like I’m looking at you,” Elliot said hoarsely. “Avery, I had a dream last night.”

“Hmm?” Avery looked at him. “I thought you didn’t sleep last night! You don’t look too well.”

“I slept a little,” he answered, telling her a half-truth. “I dreamt that your children were twins.”

Avery’s hands trembled, and she poured the entire bottle of disinfectant onto his hand.

Seeing how lost she looked, he said, “I was looking through some photos of when I was a child, and could not help but noticed that Hayden looks a lot like me. If I ever had a son, I’m sure that he would look like Hayden.”

Avery took some cotton b***s and wiped away the excess disinfectant. Her voice shook, “Elliot if the child in me is a boy, you’ll know what he looks like when he is born.”