When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 519

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 519

Once Avery was out of the room, Tammy said, “Did I say something wrong?”

Ben answered earnestly, “You knew that Elliot had given Zoe three hundred million dollars and yet, you chose to bring up the money anyway. He could have given Avery that much money as well, but the reason behind it would be different.”

“I would’ve already forgotten about Zoe Sanford if you didn’t mention her.”

“She’s the reason they fought this time,” Ben said. “Don’t underestimate the destructive power of an ex-girlfriend.”

“That’s true! Besides, Avery’s pregnant now, so mood swings are common to begin with… However, I think her allowing Elliot to cook for her is a sign that she is willing to have a relationship with him again!”

Tammy could not really understand what Avery was thinking.

‘They are the only ones who know if they are going to get back together,” Ben said nonchalantly. “As their friends, all we have to do is sit back quietly and watch!”

Upstairs, Avery pushed open the door to the master bedroom.

Sunlight filtered in from the window, and her eyes followed the beams of light cascading from the window to the bed.

Elliot was fast asleep.

He was completely unaffected by all the noise downstairs. He was probably exhausted.

Avery entered the room and softly shut the door behind her.

The reason behind her acquiescence to Elliot’s coming over and cooking was not because he had spent a fortune to see her, nor was it because he had washed her feet.

The reason she had allowed him to come was because he had entered a minefield— without hesitation— just to find her.

How could she ignore the deep feelings of a man who was willing to risk his life for her?

Her emotions were in chaos, and she felt conflicted.

Her relationship with Elliot was complicated.

Avery sat down on the edge of the bed, but she did not feel like going to sleep.

She took out her phone and was casually scrolling through posts when she accidentally clicked on a photo.

The photo was that of a couple. The man was shirtless while the woman was wearing a skimpy swimsuit. They were hugging each other, and it looked like they were having an intimate moment!

The best part was that Avery knew the couple in the photo!

The man was Cole Foster!

As for the woman, she was… Zoe Sanford!

“Why would the two of them take such an intimate photo?” Avery thought.

She thought she had made a mistake, and she zoomed in.

Just as she was enlarging the picture, it was suddenly replaced by an error message popup.

[This photo has been deleted.]

Avery tapped on the return button and realized she had unknowingly clicked into Cole’s social media page.

The intimate photo she saw just now was posted on his page.

However, he had deleted it!

Avery pinched herself on the arm. It hurt.

She was not dreaming, and this was not an illusion.

Cole and Zoe were together right now.

From the looks of the photo, there was definitely more to their relationship.

Judging by how close they were, they must have been seeing each other in secret for quite some time.

“Did Zoe not love Elliot?” Avery wondered. “It was only a while ago when I heard her sobbing in agony for her child… How is it that she is already in a relationship with Cole?”

Avery could not figure out what was true and what was not.

She glanced over at Elliot. He most likely did not know about this.

She pondered if she should tell him. She thought of various ways in which she could tell him.

“Your nephew and your ex-girlfriend are seeing each other! And it looks like it’s been going on for a while, too!”

“You got cheated on, Elliot!”

Many warring voices began to echo in her head.

Her thought must have been rather loud, as, moments later, she saw Elliot’s eyes blink open.