When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 521

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 521

“Okay… Yes, Sir! Let’s go play with Shea!” Layla dragged Hayden and headed in Shea’s direction. “She said she’ll take us out to play! She’s getting the bodyguard to drive us!”

At five in the afternoon, Elliot helped Avery down the stairs.

Everyone watched the couple walk down. They looked warm and harmonious. All kinds of thoughts began to fill the minds of the watchers.

An hour was the average time for an afternoon nap. Two hours were normally considered rather long for a nap.

However, Elliot and Avery had spent the entire afternoon resting upstairs.

How was it possible for them to nap for that long?

They were all adults, so everyone had an idea of what had happened without having to ask.

“Weren’t you guys playing poker?” Avery blushed as realized that everyone was looking at them, and she tried to change the subject.

“We stopped playing at four in the afternoon and started helping Chad with dinner! Were you two really sleeping so soundly upstairs that you couldn’t hear anything?” asked Tammy, looking extremely suspicious.

Avery’s cheeks turned even redder.

“We really were sleeping. What else do you think we were doing?”

Tammy burst into hearty laughter as she pulled Avery to her side, then turned to Elliot and said, “Hurry up and give Shea a call and tell them to come back for dinner, Mr. Foster! She took the kids out to play the whole afternoon and hasn’t returned yet.”

Elliot immediately pulled out his phone and called Shea.

Tammy dragged Avery outside to have a private conversation.

“Tell me the truth, Avery Tate. Did you two make up?! Did you?”

Tammy felt rather conflicted about the whole matter.

Back when Elliot was dating Zoe Sanford, she had wanted to stab the dirtbag to d***h.

Now, she was watching him turn over a new leaf, and she thought that giving him another chance might not be a bad thing.

However, she also felt that giving him another chance was also going a little too easy on him.

“It depends on how you define ‘made up’. If you mean that we are going to be a family then it definitely isn’t that Avery said as she looked at the gate to see if the children were back.

“Fine! Even if you don’t get remarried, would you say you’re dating him?”

“I wouldn’t,” Avery said. “I think we’re in an amicable co-parenting relationship.”

“I think he’s changed a lot over the years,” Tammy said. “He didn’t use to like kids, but he seemed pretty good with Layla and Hayden today.”

“You can’t judge a person based on a single moment.”

“That’s for sure. His real test begins when your baby’s born.” The mere thought of it pleased Tammy. “Consider this karma! Ha ha ha!”

Elliot walked over after his phone call.

“What’s got you two laughing so happily?”

His sudden appearance shocked Tammy so much that she thought her heart was going to jump out of her chest.

She escaped into the house in a flash.

“Are they arriving soon?” Avery asked as she looked up at Elliot.

“Yes, they’re on their way back now.”

“I have a question, Elliot” Avery said as she recalled his relationship with Zoe. “Would you be upset if Zoe is dating someone new?”

Elliot laughed loudly and said, “I’d wish her happiness.”

“I see. What if that someone was your nephew?”

The smile on Elliot’s face froze.

“Did they get together?”

Avery felt the tension emanating from his body. Worried he would lose his appetite, she shook her head and said, “It was hypothetical.”

“If they really are dating, not only would I give them my blessing, I’d also give them a big fat check,” Elliot said delightedly.

Avery had no response.

The children returned soon after, and she took them inside the house.

Elliot trailed along behind them.

He pulled out his phone and sent out a text.

[Look into the relationship between Zoe Sanford and Cole Foster!]