When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 522

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 522

After dinner, Layla held Avery’s hand. She looked exhausted, “Mommy, I want to go to bed… Give me a bath…”

The nanny immediately rushed over to help.

Layla threw a tantrum because she was tired.

“I want Mommy to give me a bath!” she sobbed.

Tammy walked over with a smile and said, “Layla, your Mommy’s belly is going to grow even bigger soon. She won’t be able to give you a bath by then!”

Layla froze for a moment, then she stroked Avery’s flat belly.

“Your Mommy’s belly is going to grow this big,” Tammy said as she gestured at Avery’s abdomen.

Layla’s jaw dropped in shock as disbelief washed over her little face.

Tammy carried Layla upstairs and said to Avery, “Go take a break!”

Avery was a little worried and wanted to go up with them.

Elliot grabbed her arm and said, “Come outside with me.”

“What is it?” Avery said as she walked ahead of him. “Shea should be tired too. You should head home.”

‘The bodyguard will take her home.” Elliot held her hand and led her outside. “Let’s go for a walk.”

Summer was just around the corner. The days were growing longer and the weather was getting warmer.

The gentle breeze outside was a welcomed comfort.

The two of them had slept for a while that afternoon. Elliot guessed that Avery would not be tired, so he wanted to take her out to relax.

Avery thought he meant they were going to take a simple walk around the neighborhood, but he ended up opening the door to his car.

“Didn’t you say we were going for a walk? Where do you want to go?” she asked as she stood in front of the car door, puzzled.

“Let’s go shopping.” His tone was casual and light.

Avery knew Elliot did not like to shop.

He wanted to take her shopping to make her happy.

Even if that were the case, he should have at least discussed it with her first.

“You’re weird,” Avery said but hopped into the car anyway.

After Elliot got into the driver’s seat, Avery asked, “Where are we going? I’m pregnant, so I can’t walk for too long.”

“I know.” Not once had Elliot forgotten that Avery was carrying their child. “We’ll come home when you feel tired.”

They made their way to the city’s most popular street for luxury goods.

Every shop on this street sold high-end, designer brands.

The average shopper avoided this street due to the exorbitant prices of the goods. It was the reason why the street appeared secluded when compared to the other shopping districts.

Avery was pregnant, so Elliot would not take her anywhere too crowded.

“I have plenty of clothes, Elliot… I don’t lack anything… If you feel like shopping, then let’s go look at some menswear!” Avery said as her eyes landed on the men’s clothing store right in front of them.

“We’ll take a look at everything,” Elliot said plainly.

Sometimes the silence hid big, important matters.

Elliot looked completely fine, but Avery began to feel uneasy.

When Tammy got home at 9 p.m. that night, she sent Avery a text.

Tammy: [Where did Elliot take you? Are you home yet?]

Avery did not reply to the text until half an hour later.

Avery: [I just got home.]

Tammy: [Holy c**p! You shopped for that long? Can your body handle it?]

Avery: [You might not believe me, but we didn’t really shop. We only shopped for under half an hour, then went and got something to eat.]

Tammy: [… Didn’t you two just have dinner earlier?]