When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 525

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 525

Elliot, Chad, and Ben had not left since their arrival that morning.

They had spent their time touring Tate Industries.

At least, that was their excuse. Their true motive was to stay for lunch.

“Wanda Tate is a master of marketing,” Ben said with his phone in his hand. “She hit a brick wall running into us though.”

“Even so, their sales aren’t bad,” Chad said. “There is still huge potential in the lower-income market.”

“They’re selling their products for cheap, after all! They are sacrificing profit for reputation… Their original plan was to quickly take over the market and run Tate Industries out of business, and when they have a monopoly of the market they raise their prices,” Ben said. “Now, they’ve realized that Tate Industries isn’t as easy to take down as they’d thought. Which is why they’re coming up with other ideas.”

“Are they cutting down costs? Or are they planning on conquering the lower and middle-income markets as they continue to make big promises to their investors until they get publicly listed?” Chad chimed in.

“All of that. They still have plenty of investors who believe in them.” Ben laughed, then said, “Wanda Tate really does have a knack for business.”

Avery was ordering food from the menu that was in her hands, but she was closely listening to their conversation.

Elliot noticed her absentmindedness and leaned in and whispered in her ear, “You don’t need to be afraid of Wanda. She can’t touch you.”

Avery’s cheeks flushed.

“I’m not afraid of her. I’m trying to decide between getting orange juice or watermelon juice.”

“Get one of each, then.”


Avery finished ordering and handed the menu over to Elliot.

“You’re over three months pregnant now Avery. How are you feeling?” Ben asked, shifting the subject to her.

“Apart from the occasional nausea, I don’t feel any different.”

This pregnancy was easier than her last.

“That’s good. Do you only have a daytime nanny at home right now?” Ben asked. “Shouldn’t you hire a live-in nanny later on in your pregnancy? Mike is a man, after all. It wouldn’t be too convenient for him to help out if anything happens to you…”

Elliot glanced at Avery from the corner of his eye.

She responded calmly, “I’m still a long way from the late stages of my pregnancy. I’ll think about it later.”

“Hahaha! I don’t know why I’m getting nervous when it is you who is pregnant. It’s as if I’m carrying the baby,” said Ben with a chuckle.

“You’ll scare the boss if you say that Ben. He doesn’t want to have a baby with you!” Chad said.

Everyone burst into laughter which immediately livened up the atmosphere.

Avery took advantage of everyone’s good mood to ask a question.

“What are men most afraid of? Is it losing money, or being cheated on?”

“Being cheated on!” Mike was the first to answer.

Chad nodded his head in agreement.

“I can accept getting dumped, but I can’t accept getting cheated on,” Ben answered.

Avery did not turn to Elliot because his answer would most likely be the same.

She was looking for an opportunity to tell him about Zoe’s infidelity, but she began hesitating after hearing the responses from the men.

“How could someone as proud as him handle that kind of bombshell?” she thought.

On Wednesday, Avery contacted Zoe, who had just returned from her vacation.

The two met at a cafe.

Zoe glared at Avery resentfully.

“Are you here to show off—”

Zoe began to speak, but Avery slapped her hard across the cheek!

“I know all about you and Cole. This slap is for the innocent child you m******d.”

Zoe held onto her cheek as her eyes widened dramatically!

“How did Avery find out?

“Who the h**l told her about that?!” thought Zoe.

“Elliot… He…” Zoe stammered, unable to form a complete sentence.

“He doesn’t know. Let this disgusting matter rot in your heart!” Avery picked up a napkin and wiped her hands. “If he finds out, he’ll send the both of you straight to h**l!”

Zoe looked absolutely terrified, and she slumped down in her seat.

Avery walked out of the cafe and drove to Starry River Villa.

There was an express delivery from abroad that required her signature.

She wondered who had sent the package. She had not purchased anything.

She had no idea who could have sent it, let alone what was in it.