When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 534

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 534

Avery checked the time after ending the call.

She wondered where Elliot was.

The airport was located in a secluded area outside the city. If he was in the city, it would take him at least an hour to get here.

There were only forty minutes left until Avery had to board the plane.

There was no way she would wait for him.

If she missed her flight, she would not be able to leave the city till the next morning, when the next flight was scheduled to leave.

Time was not on her side.

Mike noticed Avery’s dejected expression, so he reached out and held her cold hand.

“Don’t be scared, Avery. Whoever’s behind this probably needs your medical skills,” he said, consoling her. “Drag things on for as long as you can. I will definitely find a way to save you.”

“We have to save Wesley first,” Avery mumbled.

“Of course.”

“Of all the years I’ve known Wesley, he has never once refused my plea for help, no matter how many times I had asked him for help. He always shared good things with me. He’s never asked me to do anything for him. Not even once… Every time I said I’d treat him to a meal, he would always pay the check in the end. He’s like a brother to me.” At this point, tears began to roll down Avery’s cheek. “He should have just told them my name, that way he would not have gotten hurt!”

Mike’s eyes reddened as he held her and said, “Don’t cry. Wesley will be fine.”

After Avery’s and Mike’s departure from Starry River Villa, the children had fallen into pits of misery.

Mike had told them that something had happened in Bridgedale that needed their attention, and that they would come home immediately after things were settled.

However, he did not say how long it would take.

Moreover, the children had been through a series of strange events, and even Hayden could not figure out what was happening, but he had a strong hunch as to what was going on.

He was sure that something really awful had happened, and that was why his mother was so upset and had to leave in such a hurry!

Avery had never acted as she had tonight. She had never insisted on leaving Layla and him behind without telling them anything.

Hayden was never one for crying, but this time he could not help but cry.

“Why are you crying, Hayden? Do you miss Mommy?” Layla had just gotten control over herself, but when she saw Hayden crying she burst into tears once more. “Does Mommy not want us anymore? I’m scared, Hayden!”

Hayden wiped the tears off his face and wrapped his arms around his sister.

“Don’t be scared, Layla. They’ll be home soon. I’ll protect you while they’re gone.”

Layla sobbed in her brother’s embrace for a while until her voice turned hoarse.

“Hayden, I want Shea to come over… Can you call her?”

Hayden agreed.

The city sparkled brightly with neon lights in the night.

A black Rolls-Roice cleaved through the city. It arrived at the airport in the shortest amount of time it would take to get there.

The moment the car came to a halt, Elliot pushed the door open and got out.

With his phone in his hand, he rushed to the departure hall.

There was an announcement for the passengers of the flight to Bridgedale to proceed to Gate Four for boarding.

Elliot’s hawk-like eyes quickly spotted the gate, and he hurried over to it.

He needed to know what was going on with Avery.

She had to tell him why she was leaving in such a hurry!

If possible, he wanted to face whatever it was together!

When Elliot finally made it through the crowd and arrived at the gate, the attendants had just finished checking everyone’s tickets.

He looked at the long hallway behind the counter and spotted Avery’s familiar figure among the crowd.

His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat.

“Avery!” he cried out hoarsely.

He wanted to ask why she did not wait for him, but there was no longer any point to that question.

Avery froze in her tracks.

Mike, who was next to her, turned and saw Elliot.

“He’s here Avery. Don’t you want to go and talk to him for a bit?”

Tears slid down her face.