When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 537

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Elliot and Shea emerged from the mansion the moment Hayden finished his sentence.

Father and son met, but Hayden averted his gaze in disgust.

He was a minor and could not get on a plane without a guardian.

If he could he would not be standing here!

All he wanted was to get to Bridgedale as fast as possible so that he could be with his mother.

“Hayden! Layla! Big Brother agreed to take us to Bridgedale!” Shea ran over to the children and chirped, “We’ll see Avery soon!”


In Bridgedale, Avery was approached by two men the moment she stepped out of the airport.

They were dressed in black suits and drove a black Buik.

Mike took a photo of the car’s license plate from afar. They could not act rashly and startle the enemy before they had rescued Wesley.

The black Buik quickly disappeared into traffic.

Mike saw the countless messages from Chad on his phone.

Chad answered soon after Mike dialed his number.

“My boss took Shea and the kids on his private jet. They are going to Bridgedale.”

Mike raised his brows, then massaged his temples and said, “It sounds like he is here on vacation!”

“Save the sarcasm, will you? How could the two of you abandon him at the airport like that?! He was alone!” Chad was furious. “I can’t figure out why a good man like him continues to cling to someone as troublesome as Avery Tate!”

“Say what you want, but why are you insulting Avery?!” Mike was also livid. “She’s already upset enough that Wesley was abducted because of her. This is Bridgedale, not Aryadelle. This isn’t Elliot Foster’s territory! Wouldn’t taking him along be the equivalent of a d***h sentence for him too?!”

Chad took in a cold breath.

“A d***h sentence?! Are things that bad?”

“Someone sent her a b****y, severed finger! It is Wesley’s finger!”

Mike had not told Chad this because he knew that Elliot would have certainly stopped them from leaving if he had known about it.

“F*ck! What did Wesley get himself into?!”

“What kind of trouble could someone as strait-laced as Wesley get into? The one they want is Avery.” Mike hailed a cab by the street, then said, “That’s why you shouldn’t blame her. She’s suffering more than anybody else right now.”

“Why?!” Chad’s mind was a mess. “Why did they have to use Wesley to get to Avery? Couldn’t they have just gone straight for her?”

Mike realized that he could no longer hide the truth.

“It’s because Avery is Professor James Hough’s last pupil. Apart from the professor, Wesley, and me, practically nobody else knows about this.”

Chad was dumbfounded.

“How did you find out about it?! It’s not like you’re in the medical line!”

“Avery was the one who operated on me.”

Mike’s explanation made Chad instantly understand why he was so devoted to Avery.

“Back when Elliot Foster was trying to cure Shea, didn’t he also hire private investigators to find the professor’s last pupil? The people who abducted Wesley just used more despicable methods to do the same thing,” Mike said.

Chad was in disbelief.

He never expected Professor James Hough’s last pupil to be Avery Tate!

Elliot’s search for the last pupil had cost him a fortune, but he had still come up empty!

Who would have thought that the person they were looking for was right under their noses?

The entire thing was a satirical joke!

The black Buik traveled for over an hour before coming to a halt.

They had blindfolded Avery, so she did not know where she was.

She was dragged out of the car by a man dressed in a black suit. After walking for about three minutes, her blindfold was taken off.

Standing in front of her was a grand, white mansion.

The mansion was built on top of a mountain. There were a few trees on the mountain, and there was a cliff not too far away.

It was an extremely dangerous place.

It was almost certain that the owner of the mansion was also a dangerous figure.

“Please take off your clothes, Miss Tate!” said an unfamiliar voice.

Avery turned to look at the source of the voice with a furious expression.