When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 539

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 539

“Where is he?!” Avery demanded coldly as she stood in the living room.

David glanced at his lackeys, and they immediately went to get Wesley.

Moments later, two men in black dragged Wesley into the room.

Avery’s entire body stiffened as she could not believe her eyes.

Wesley was covered with blood and bruises. There was not one spot on his body that remained untouched.

David shrugged, then said, “You should thank me, Miss Tate. If I didn’t catch him in time, this idiot would have jumped off the cliff and turned into a rotting corpse!

“Jump off the cliff?!” Avery thought.

There was, in fact, a cliff outside the mansion.

“Wesley actually tried to jump off of it!” she thought. “Did he really think that d***g or continued torture was better than revealing my identity?!”

Tears instantly rolled down Avery’s cheeks.

“Wesley!” She rushed over to Wesley and held him in her arms. “Wesley! I’m sorry! It’s all my fault!”

Wesley did not move a muscle. He was unconscious.

As she held him in her arms, she sobbed. “Get me a first aid kit right away!” she snapped, quickly pulling herself together.

David shot a look at his underlings, and they immediately fetched a first aid kit.

Avery pushed through her heartache and tended to Wesley’s wounds.

Once she was done bandaging him, she glared at David with reddened eyes and said through gritted teeth, “Get your men to take him to the hospital! Right now! Immediately! If he dies, I won’t help you with anything even if you k**l me!”

David impatiently waved at his underlings.

Very quickly, Wesley was taken away.

“I told you the idiot was the one who tried to jump off a cliff. That’s how he ended up like this.”

“Shut up! Don’t think this will scare me! You’re the one who needs something from me!” Avery’s head was throbbing with pain, so she said, “I need to rest!

Send me Wesley’s medical report tomorrow, then we can talk!”

Elliot’s eyes were closed as he rested in the plush seat of the Baystream G650.

After two days of sleepless nights, even the strongest of men would not be able to handle the fatigue.

Layla and Hayden were filled with worry, so they stayed awake the entire time.

“Hayden, this is the first time I’ve been on such a luxurious plane!” Layla’s face was filled with excitement and curiosity. “A plan like this must be really expensive, right?”

“I’ll buy you one when I grow up,” Hayden said disdainfully.

“Okay! Hayden, do you think Mommy will be happy or mad when she finds out we came to see her?” Layla’s two seconds of happiness disappeared as melancholy took over.

“We’ll call Uncle Mike when we get there.”


The jet landed in Bridgedale after the ten-hour flight.

At that moment, it was eight in the morning in Bridgedale.

Hayden and Layla were the first to notice Mike in the bustling arrival hall.

Elliot saw Mike’s haggard and gloomy face.

“Are things really this serious?” he thought.

The entourage got into two separate cars.

Elliot’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat, and he could not help but ask Mike, ” What’s the situation right now? Avery—”

“Wesley’s at the hospital. Let’s see him first!” Mike said as he cut Elliot off mid-sentence, then added irritatedly, “Those f*cking b*st*rds! We need to get Avery out of there as soon as possible!”