When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 54

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 54

Avery smelled the alcohol on Elliot along with the faint scent of tobacco.

Suddenly, she noticed that the group of men behind Ben had pulled out their phones and were aiming their cameras at her.

They must have been in on it with Ben.

Avery gave Elliot a hard shove, but because she was worried about him falling, she reached out and grabbed his arm.

Seeing this, the driver hurried over to help, and the two placed Elliot in the backseat of the car.

Once Avery strapped Elliot in, the driver passed her a bottle of water.

She had worked up a sweat, so she accepted the bottle and took a big gulp of water from it.

“That was for Mr. Foster, Madam,” said the driver.

Avery’s cheeks turned crimson.

She quickly held the bottle out next to Elliot’s arm and asked, “Do you want some water?”

His eyes were closed and his brows furrowed tightly as if he was in a world of discomfort.

He did not respond to her question at all.

Avery was not sure if he did not hear her, or if he did, but chose not to answer her.

“Maybe you can feed it to him, Madam,” suggested the driver.

Avery frowned in frustration.

She placed her hand at the back of Elliot’s neck in hopes of lifting his head up.

The moment her palm made contact with the skin on his nape, however, Elliot’s eyes instantly shot open.

Avery quickly yanked her hand back, threw her head back, and took another big gulp of water.

As Elliot watched her side profile, he recalled the divorce plan he saw on her laptop.

He wondered how she planned to turn her scheme into reality.

The car drove steadily in the night as the atmosphere inside of the vehicle turned stranger and stranger by the minute.

From the corner of her eye, Avery noticed Elliot’s unwavering gaze fixed on her, and her heart began to race wildly in her chest.

She finished the bottle of water in record-breaking time.

Elliot snatched the empty bottle out of her hand and tossed it aside, breaking the silence with a bang.

“You want to divorce me because I made you abort that b*strd child,” he hissed coldly.

Avery had nowhere to run or hide, so she had no choice but to answer him.

“It’s your right to not want kids, but you can’t forcefully take away my right to be a mother. I want children, and I want to be a mother. Tell me, apart from getting a divorce, how else would I be able to have my own kids?”

This matter was a thorn in their relationship. If it was not resolved, it would continue to stab at them for the rest of their lives.

“Why do you insist on having kids? Do you like them that much?!” Elliot scoffed as a fiery rage boiled in his eyes.

Avery clenched her teeth as a wave of emotions rose inside of her.

If she were not already pregnant, she could live without children.

However, now that she was pregnant, she had a responsibility to her babies.

“Why are you so against having them? You’re not the one giving birth to or raising them! Why can’t you just give them a chance?” Avery cried in a voice that was louder than Elliot’s.

The driver was shocked.

Where did Avery Tate get the guts to raise her voice at Elliot Foster?

Did she really think that his patience with her was limitless?

Just as the driver thought that Elliot would raise his hand, a heavy silence fell upon the backseat.

Avery calmed down slightly after a little while.

Her voice broke through the piercing silence as she said through reddened eyes, “Everyone has something they’d rather not discuss. What’s there to fight about?”

“Don’t think that you’re the only one for me, Avery Tate,” Elliot said in a voice that was chilling to the bone, his tone heartless and indifferent.

“We’re as different as heaven and h**l. I’ve never hoped to stand on equal ground next to you,” Avery responded.

“Who’s heaven and who’s h**l?” Elliot asked.

His question left Avery baffled.

What kind of a question was that?

She did not answer him. Her head was pounding.

The car was full of the smell of alcohol.

She felt sick to her stomach and rolled down the window.