When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 540

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 540

Wesley was in the intensive care unit of the hospital. He was covered in bandages, and his eyes were swollen and red. It was clear that he had popped some bloodvessels.

His hand too was bandaged, and clearly showed the gap where there should have been a finger.

Layla and Hyaden were waiting outside and the bodyguard was watching them. They had not been allowed in the room.

Shea, on the other hand, was allowed in. Her bright eyes were wide as she stared at the man on the bed. She could not recognize him despite the long time she had spent staring at him.

“Who… Who is this?” she asked softly. She was afraid that she might disturb the sleeping man.

Mike turned around and saw her shock, so he walked her to the door and said, “That’s Wesley. Shea, go outside…”

Shea instantly broke down.

She shoved Mike aside and ran over to the bed as tears rolled down her face.

“Wesley! What happened to you? Who did this to you?” She wanted to hold his hand, but she was afraid of touching him. In the end, she grabbed onto the blanket and said, The sunflower you gave me last time… You said it was a symbol of hope for me… I’ll give that hope back to you now, alright?”

Elliot’s emotions were a mess as he heard his sister’s sobs. He had not expected them to torture Wesley to this degree.

Although he was not close to Wesley, Elliot had still found it unbearable to see him in this state. Furthermore, Wesley meant a great deal to Avery.

He wondered how upset Avery would be if she saw Wesley like this.

Elliot suddenly recalled the scene at the airport. If he had stopped Avery from getting to Bridgedale in time and had inadvertently caused Wesley’s d***h, she would have despise him!

Perhaps it was a good thing that she had stuck to her decision. Otherwise, it would have been an utter tragedy.

He would rather, Avery owe him than the other way around.

However, now that she was trapped in the jaws of a monster, how could they guarantee her safety?

Could she end up with a fate worse than Wesley’s?

Their child… Would it be able to survive such a dangerous situation?

The vein in Elliot’s forehead pulsed, and he felt sweat trickle down his back.

“Don’t cry, Shea. He needs to rest in peace and quiet right now.” Elliot wrapped his hand around Shea’s wrist and led her out of the room.

He needed to arrange a place for Shea and the children. Then, he would find a way to rescue Avery.

“Hayden, take your sister and Shea home. Remember to stay there and don’t run around,” Mike said to Hayden. “You have to take the bodyguard with you when you leave.”

Hayden nodded his head.

“Are they going to your place or Avery’s?” asked Elliot after Shea and the children had left.

“Avery’s. Did you forget that she owns Alpha Technologies?” Mike blinked. He was weary to the bone. “I have already found out who took her.”

“Who is it?” Elliot rarely saw such a frustrated look on Mike’s face.

“His name is David Grimes. He comes from old money. And when I say old money, I mean a lot of old money… They’ve been splurging for generations, and they still have plenty to spare,” said Mike gloomily. “He’s a huge p*****t. Do you think he’ll take a liking to Avery?”

Elliot remained silent.

“I stayed up all night thinking about it,” Mike said with furrowed brows. That b*st*rd isn’t lacking wealth, so it would be impossible for us to ransom her back. Besides, there’s no reason for us to give him any money. We can’t give him any, especially not after what he did to Wesley, and what he is now doing to Avery! I just want to put a bullet through his d*mn skull!”

Elliot raised his brows. He had a different opinion.

“If we use force, they might hurt Avery. If money will solve the problem, I can give that to him.”

“I know you’re rich, but he won’t want a penny from you! What he wants is Avery!” Mike sneered.

“Avery is mine.” Elliot got into the car, then revealed his plan to Mike. “We will try to get the politicians to persuade him to release Avery, but if that does not work, we will fight violence with violence.”

“Ha! You sure live up to your name.” Mike settled himself into the driver’s seat, then said, “I was about to go talk to some politicians today myself! I’ve got some dirt on them. If they don’t make Grimes give in, then I’ll make them international laughing stocks!”

Elliot scoffed at Mike’s usual tricks.

“You can go talk to them yourself.” Elliot got Mike to get out of the car, then said, “I’ll take the car and work on my second plan.”