When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 546

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 546

Mike buried his face in his hands and burst into tears.

“I regret it! Why did I say those cruel words to her?!”

Tears sprang into Elliot’s eyes as he thought about the incident that had taken place last night.

“She was helpless and scared. Even if we couldn’t save her right away, I shouldn’t have said that! She must have felt so hopeless after hearing what I said…” Mike was racked with guilt, and he could not control his emotions.

Elliot’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat and he said hoarsely, “Stop crying! Are you done cracking the system?”

Mike wiped his tears away, and he glanced at the progress bar on his computer.

“Almost… It’ll be done before noon. My head hurts. What will I do if Avery’s really d**d?”

Elliot did not have the courage to think of that possibility.

“How about you go home and take a shower?” Mike saw Elliot’s stubble and knew that Elliot was in more pain than he was right now.

It was because Avery was still carrying his child.

Elliot stood still. It was almost as if he had not heard what Mike had said.

“Go back and check on Shea and the kids,” Mike said in a louder voice.

Elliot finally reacted and said, “Fine.”

When he walked to the door, Mike sighed and said, “Are you thinking of bringing that gun back with you? Avery’s definitely alive! She’s strong, and she won’t d*e until she watches Grimes d*e a violent d***h!”

Elliot placed the gun down on the table and walked out of the room.

Avery’s house in Bridgedale was located in the city center’s affluent neighborhood.

When she had first bought the house, she had not done it as a means to showcase her wealth, but she had done it because that neighborhood had the tightest security.

Elliot was stuck at the neighborhood entrance. He called Mike, and Mike called Hayden.

Fifteen minutes later, Hayden and Layla arrived at the entrance hand in hand. They were here to pick him up.

Elliot’s emotions turned turbulent. “If Avery is d**d, then what is going to happen to her children?” he thought.

Of course, he was willing to raise them, but without Avery, they might not want him.

“He looks really sad, Hayden!” Layla said softly as she saw Elliot from afar.

Hayden’s heart began to thump wildly in his chest. “Did he look like this because something happened to Mommy?” he thought.

Hayden and Layla had not seen Wesley, but Shea had told them what he looked like after she got home.

Hayden had had a nightmare that Avery had died last night.

Layla had dreamt the same dream, and the siblings ended up crying in each other’s arms.

After Hayden let Elliot into the neighborhood, Layla looked up at him and sobbed, “Where’s Mommy? Didn’t you go rescue her? Why isn’t she back yet?”

Elliot did not know how to answer Layla’s questions.

Hayden could not handle the silence and said, “Did something happen to Mommy?”

“No. She’s fine. I came back to check on you guys and take a shower. I’ll bring her home tonight.” Elliot leaned down and picked Layla up, then said, “Lead the way, Hayden.”

Hayden pursed his lips and led them to the house.

He kept the hatred he felt for Elliot in check. He needed Elliot to bring his mother home.

When they arrived at the house, Hayden opened the front door.

Elliot placed Layla down and changed into a pair of house slippers.

Mrs. Scarlet, who had come along, immediately came up and greeted him.

“Where’s Shea?” Elliot asked after changing his shoes.

“She’s gone to the hospital to see Wesley,” answered Mrs. Scarlet. “I asked the bodyguard to take her while I stayed home to watch the kids.”

Elliot nodded his head.