When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 55

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 55

The cold, night air burst into the car, whipping Avery’s hair and calming her nerves.

Elliot had said that he was not the only one for her.

From that, she figured that as long as she remained adamant about the divorce, he might just agree to it one day.

The anxiety she felt dulled into relief with that comforting thought.

When they arrived at the mansion, Mrs. Cooper and the driver helped Elliot out of the car.

Avery saw that he was being looked after, so she quietly returned to her room.

It was not long before Mrs. Cooper showed up in her room and said, “Master Elliot won’t let anyone touch him, Madam. Maybe you should give it a try! You just need to wipe his face down and help him change his clothes.”

Wipe his face and change his clothes?

Avery would have no objections if Elliot were still in a vegetative state, but he was not!

He might have had a little too much to drink, but he was not unconscious.

She had not forgotten the fight that they had in the car on the way home.

“Why not just let him sleep like that?” Avery suggested. “He can take a shower and change himself when he gets up in the morning. Let him be.”

“How could we do that, Madam?” Mrs. Cooper exclaimed in shock. “Come and try it out with me! He might protest less if you were the one helping him change.”

The door to the master bedroom was wide open when Avery arrived, and Elliot was lying in bed in a silent slumber.

Mrs. Cooper shoved Avery in the direction of the bed and said, “Master Elliot’s had too much to drink, so he might wake up in the middle of the night and throw up… It’s better if someone stays and looks out for him.”

At this point, Avery already knew what Mrs. Cooper was about to suggest.

However, Mrs. Cooper interrupted her before she could refuse, “This is a crucial period in the recovery of his legs. The doctor said that getting hurt right now would severely affect his rehab treatment later. You should just stay with him tonight!”

Avery’s face twisted into a deep frown as she held back the words of protests she was about to cough up earlier.

Mrs. Cooper had a point, and she had no reason to refuse.

“You can wait until Master Elliot has slept for a bit before wiping his face… If you can’t get him to change into his pajamas, you can just help undress him… And let him sleep like that…” Mrs. Cooper said as she walked towards the room door.

Avery felt like her head was about to explode.

Once Mrs. Cooper was out of the room, she walked to the side of the bed.

Elliot’s eyes were shut and his breath was heavy. His cheeks were an unusual shade of pink, and she wondered how much he had to drink.

Avery went into the bathroom, then reemerged with a bowl of warm water.

She placed the bowl on the nightstand at the head of the bed, then sat on the side of the bed and began to unbutton Elliot’s shirt.

He sensed her touch on his shirt, and his hand clasped around her arm in reflex. At the same time, his eyes shot open, revealing a look of extreme caution.

“Let go,” Avery said as she stared into his eyes. “Or take it off yourself.”

Elliot did not want to do anything himself. His head was k*****g him.

Reason had not yet escaped him, but his body was already numb from the alcohol.

He let go of her arm, and Avery proceeded to successfully remove his shirt and unbuckle his belt.

Just as she was about to take off his trousers, Elliot’s large hand grabbed onto her slender wrist.

This time, his grip was tighter.

“Who let you in my room?!” he roared as his chest rose and fell. “Who let you take off my clothes? Have you always been such a loose woman?”

Avery was flummoxed.

Was this the power of alcohol?

It was likely that he would not remember anything about what happened that night when he woke up the next morning.

t that thought, Avery released her inhibitions.

She pushed his hand out of the way, grabbed onto the waistband of his trousers, and yanked it off after a couple of hard yanks.

Elliot’s brows furrowed tightly as he glared viciously at her.

She paid him no mind and moved on to dumping the clothes in the laundry basket.

She then picked up the face towel from the bowl of warm water, wrung it dry, and proceeded to dab the warm towel on Elliot’s furious face.


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