When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 550

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 550

Elliot’s eyes instantly filled with menace!

The doctor quickly corrected himself and said, “I’m not saying she’s d**d. She’s possibly in shock after losing too much blood. Ahem, it could be hypovolemic shock!”

Elliot blinked a few times as he took a deep breath. He held Avery so tightly that it almost looked as if he wanted to assimilate her into himself.

Moments later, the helicopter landed at the hospital, and Avery was rushed into the emergency room.

Elliot felt as though someone had hit the pause button on his life as he stood outside the doors that Avery had disappeared behind.

It was as if his entire heart and body had been s****d dry!

What would he do if anything happened to Avery?

His phone rang, interrupting his agonizing thoughts.

He pulled out his phone and answered it.

“How’s Avery?! I’ve dealt with Grimes!” Mike said gleefully. “That old b*st*rd! I knew he would escape through the back door! We caught him the moment he walked out!”

Elliot’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat, and he said, “She was shot in the arm. She’s in the emergency room right now.”

“Which hospital are you at?! I’m coming over right away!” Mike paused, then asked, “Was she conscious when you found her?”

Elliot suddenly found that he did not know how to answer Mike’s question.

“Say something!” Mike snapped. “F*cking say something, Elliot Foster!”

“She’s definitely still alive,” Elliot mumbled.

Mike understood.

Avery was either already d**d, or she was close to d***h.

“Go home, Mike,” said Elliot as he fought to retain control of his sanity. “The kids are at home, and they will be waiting for some news. You should go and explain things to them,” he said, maintaining some semblance of calm.

“Explain? How am I supposed to explain anything?! Do I tell them their mother’s d**d?!” Mike hissed coldly. “Why don’t you go and do it?!”

“She’s not d**d!” he roared, as the final shred of reason he had left vanished. “She is not d**d! She can’t be d**d!”

It felt like an eternity before the doors to the emergency room swung open.

A doctor rushed out and asked, “Are you the patient’s family, Sir?”

Elliot approached and said, “Yes! I am!”

“Is the patient pregnant? Her abdomen is protruding slightly—”

“She is! The baby will be four months old soon!”

“I see. Then let me explain the current situation—”

Elliot could not help but cut the doctor off.

“Is she alive?! Tell me she’s alive!”

“She’s alive, Sir,” answered the doctor. “Her breathing was shallow when she arrived. However, we have managed to resuscitate her, and she is breathing normally now, but she does have a fever and she has lost a lot of blood. We need to treat her fever, and then we will remove the bullet from her body.”

Elliot’s eyes filled with tears as he muttered, “I knew she is still alive…”

“May I know your relationship with the patient, Sir? Can you contact her husband? ” asked the doctor. “Since she’s pregnant, we need to be careful with the d***s that we administer. Anything could affect the baby.”

Elliot froze when he heard that, but he quickly recovered and said, “Treat her. Use whatever you need. She is more important!”

“Are you her husband?”

Elliot’s eyes reddened as he said, “I’m the baby’s father.”

The doctor was telling him to choose between Avery and the baby.