When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 551

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It was only natural that Elliot would pick Avery. He did not want to give up the child, but he had no choice. Their child would have been four months old. If the incident had not happened, they would have been able to meet their child during the next maternity check-up.

“Okay, Mr. Foster, please sign this risk disclosure form.” The doctor took a form and passed it to him. “Do you want us to administer anesthesia to the patient before the surgery? The anesthesia would affect the child, so if you want to keep the baby, we can forgo anesthetizing her.”

“Wouldn’t that hurt a lot!” Elliot obviously wanted to keep the child, but surgery without anesthesia would be agony for Avery!

“Yes, it will hurt, but it will pass soon,” said the doctor.

“She’s already so weak. I don’t want her to suffer any further pain.” Elliot felt that once again his heart was being ripped to pieces. He was in so much agony that even breathing hurt. “Please anesthetize her.”

“Alright.” The doctor accepted the signed risk disclosure form from him, turned, and headed back into the emergency room.

Elliot quickly collected his thoughts. Though he might have sacrificed his child, he was comforted by the knowledge that Avery would be fine.

If something were to happen to her, their child would not have survived as well. Thus, the current situation would be the best he could hope for.

Wanda tossed a copy of one of the local Aryadelle newspapers in front of Zoe.

“David Grimes is d**d.”

Zoe glanced at the newspaper. Her expression turned cold. “I heard about it yesterday. What a pity! I thought he would be able to k**l Avery!”

Wanda was a little disappointed. “Elliot sure is strong. He even defeated David.”

“Elliot was not alone,” said Zoe distractedly, “But, at least he spent a fortune saving her this time.”

“Oh?” Wanda asked curiously, “How much do you think he spent?”

“At least one and a half billion.” Zoe did not know the exact amount he had spent, but she had a good guess. “He really is devoted to her! And here I thought I had finally given up on him. Seeing him sacrifice himself for her has me falling in love with him again!”

“Wake up! No matter how great he is, he belongs to another person.” Wanda’s attention was on Avery. “Don’t tell me that Avery has escaped unscathed?”

“That’s not possible! According to a friend of mine, Elliot has been in the hospital for a long time. If Avery had suffered a minor injury, she would not be in the hospital for this long,” said Zoe flatly. “I don’t think she will be able to keep the child.”

“Even without this one, she still has the other two. She could still use them to elevate her status!” said Wanda. Jealousy dripped from her voice. “It would be great if we could get rid of her two children.”

Zoe had never thought that Wanda would be this cruel.

“Did you ever give any thought to the fact that if this comes to light, you will be d**d!” said Zoe, in a subtle warning to Wanda. “Let’s just focus our attention on the money! Avery won’t be able to get up so quickly.”

Three days had passed before Avery woke up. When she woke up she looked at the strange surroundings and tried hard to remember what had happened.

When her gaze fell to the drip that was connected to her hand, she instinctively reached out and tried to rip it off.

She remembered that she was still pregnant, and she was worried that the drip might contain medication that might harm the baby.

“Avery, what are you doing?” Mrs. Scarlet saw that Avery had woken up. She immediately tried to stop Avery. “You are sick. You need to be on the drip. Avery, don’t move. I’ll go get the doctor!”

Mrs. Scarlet immediately went to look for the doctor. Soon, the doctor arrived.

“Miss Tate. You have been shot in the arm. You had to undergo surgery, and today is your fourth day at the hospital,” said the doctor, patiently explaining the situation.

Avery looked a little lost. “I’ve been in the hospital for four days? I even underwent surgery? What medication did you put me on? I’m pregnant, I can’t simply take any medication—”

“Your husband agreed to the medication. I’m so sorry, but there is a chance that we might need to abort the child,” said the doctor.