When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 552

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 552

Avery was taken aback!

If it were not for the injury on her arm, she would have jumped off the bed.

“What husband? I’m not married! Nobody has the right to decide whether my child gets to live or d*e!”

The doctor immediately apologized when he saw that she was growing more and more agitated. “Miss Tate, I’m sorry. Mr. Foster did not say he was your husband, but he did say that he was the baby’s father—”

“Even if he is the baby’s father, he doesn’t have the right to give consent!” Avery could no longer contain her grief, and she began to cry.

Elliot was currently at home as he had been keeping watch over Avery the entire night. Mrs. Scarlet had relieved him this morning so he could get some rest.

Left with no other choice, Mrs. Scarlet called Elliot. She could not allow Avery to remain in this state. After Mrs. Scarlet had made the call, Mike pushed open the door and entered the room.

“Avery, you’re finally up!” Mike walked over to her bed and sat down. He took out a piece of tissue and wiped away her tears. “Don’t cry. Elliot and I both thought that between you and the child, it was more important to save you. You can always have another child, but if you d*e, then there will be nothing left. Even this child will not survive.”

Avery pushed Mike’s hands away. She wiped her tears away.

“Avery, I know that you must be in physical and mental agony, but this time, Elliot is right! When he heard the trouble you were in, he rushed over to rescue you. He barely slept while that b*st*rd still had you. The only time he allowed himself to truly rest was when the doctors told him that you were alive and out of danger.”

The incident had drastically changed Mike’s impression of Elliot, and he had to speak on Elliot’s behalf.

It was only upon hearing Mike’s passionate defense of Elliot did Avery really remember the incident that had taken place a few days ago.

“It’s all my fault…” Avery muttered, but her words drowned in her own tears. It was because of her that Wesley had gotten abducted and hurt. Elliot and Mike had come here because of her too. She had also hurt the baby she was carrying.

Things were as they were because of her.

“Avery, don’t blame yourself. This is not your fault. Mike held her small, cold hands, in his. “What you now need to do is rest. Once you’re discharged, we’ll return to Aryadelle.”

Avery’s eyes were empty and dark. Mike was unsure of whether she had heard him or not.

“Avery, I’ll get the doctor. We’ll get the drip flowing again? You still have two bottles left to finish,” said Mike.

Avery shook her head. She did not want to go back on the drips.

“Alright. Avery, talk about this with Elliot when he gets here,” said Mike as he took his seat by her side. He sat beside her in silence, offering her support.

After a while, Elliot arrived.

“Avery, he’s here,” Mike told her before he got up and exited the room.

When the door clicked shut, Elliot made his way to Avery. Avery looked at his weary but familiar face, and silent tears fell down her face.

“Avery, don’t cry.” Gently, he brushed away the tears from her eyes with the pads of his fingers. “If you want a child, we can have another one. We’ll have as many as you want,” he said with a voice that was deep and rough with emotion.

“I want this one! I want the one in me!” cried Avery, grabbing onto his hand. She squeezed his hand, hoping to convey all the heartbreak she felt in that one action.

“The child is almost four months old! In just two months, even if I were to give birth to the baby prematurely, it could survive in an incubator! How could you be so cruel?! Even without medication, I won’t d*e. Why?! Why did you make such a decision on my behalf? Why did you decide against the child?”

Elliot’s eyes betrayed the turbulent emotions that lay within him. “I’m sorry. I did not think things through. I was afraid that you would be in pain—”

“I can bear the pain! But, the child is innocent!” Avery pushed through her tears and said, “Mike told me that you rescued me, and so, how can I blame you?”

“I’m sorry. Maybe I’m not a competent father,” Elliot said guiltily.

Maybe it was because the child had not been born, so he could not picture it as a fully breathing and living human being.