When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 556

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 556

Avery saw the shimmering unshed tears in Elliot’s eyes. She wanted to say no; she wanted to deny his claims.

Abruptly, he stood up and left her in the front seat of the car. He slammed the door behind him. The deafening bang echoed long after the door was shut.

He did not make his way to the driver’s seat, but he stood outside the car. He pulled his phone out and made a call.

Avery silently looked at him. The car door stood between them, separating them in what seemed like an unbridgeable gap.

He had told her that the child was more important to her than him. “How can he compare him and the child?” she thought. “The child is weak. Of course, I have to protect it!”

He told her that she did not have any confidence in him, not realizing that it was herself that she did not have confidence in.

Not long after, Mike ran over. Avery saw the two of them talking outside the car. She did not know what they said, but Mike had quickly accepted the keys from Elliot, and he got into the driver’s seat.

Elliot had kept his back to her, and she saw his muscles tense.

Once Mike got in the car, she looked away.

“He said he’s going back tomorrow. Did you tell him to go back?” Mike started the car.

“Hmm.” Avery could not help but take another look out the window.

“He said that he will be staying at a hotel tonight. Did you two argue?” Mike drove off.

Avery ignored Mike.

She leaned against the car window. She saw Elliot getting further and further away from her. It was only when she could not see him that she turned around.

“Why do you two do this to yourselves?” Mike stopped in front of the red light and sighed. “Would you be happier if you split up with him?”

“My head hurts.” Avery inhaled and closed her eyes. The more she thought about Elliot, the more her head hurt. Right now, she felt as though it was going to explode.

“Go back and rest well. You have not fully recovered. I should not have taken you to the hospital,” said Mike. “I spoke to Wesley. He does not blame you, never has. No matter what his mother said, don’t blame yourself.”


It was dinner, and Shea did not have an appetite. She had lost her appetite because she had to return with Elliot the next day, and the second reason she had lost her appetite was that she had found out about Elliot and Avery’s fight.

Mike took some food for her. “Shea, you can always come here whenever you want.”

Shea asked, “Then, when are you guys going back?”

Mike thought for a while. “We’ll have to wait till Avery recovers. Once she recovers, we’ll definitely return.”

Shea took a small bite of her food and asked softly, “Why did they fight?”

Layla and Hayden wanted to know the answer to that question too. They looked at Mike.

“Uh… I don’t think I can tell you why in so short a time, but I’m sure that Elliot did nothing wrong this time. Of course, Avery did nothing wrong as well.” Mike changed the subject. “Shea, let’s go out later. You have been here for quite a few days, but you still haven’t been able to have a look around town.”

Once they left, the entire mansion was submerged in silence.

Avery lay in bed. Her arm hurt badly, but her heart hurt even more.

This time, she was the one who pushed him away. She did not know whether she had made the right decision, but setting the decision aside, she had seen no better way.