When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 559

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 559

The reporter claimed that Avery had scammed Elliot out of his money.

As Avery had started her company in Bridgedale, Bridgedale was her second home. The reporter held that it was inconceivable that she be forced to ask Elliot for help when she had been kidnapped in her second home. [Does she not have connections and money to resolve the situation? Why did Elliot have to come in his private jet to rescue her?] stated the article.

In the end, Elliot had dumped one and a half billion dollars only to return home sad and alone.

The writer concluded that Avery had used their relationship to scam him out of his money!

The article ended sarcastically, stating that it was ironic for such a smart individual like Elliot to be brought to his knees by a woman. The article also warned people to stay away from women, especially strong and beautiful women like Avery as these women rely on other men to gain their wealth.

This topic was picked up by other media outlets too who ran with the story. Soon, the topic was trending on the internet.

Breaking news like this one was really exciting if it was real.

[I think this article is real. A few days ago, Elliot did indeed take his private jet to Bridgedale. My friend works at Capital Airport. He told me about it.]

[It looks like Elliot is stupidly in love? 1.5 billion! My God! Avery has good tricks up her sleeves!]

[I don’t think Avery would return to Aryadelle anymore, right? How long does she have to work to earn 1.5 billion!]

[In such situations, can Elliot make a police report? Will he get back his huge sum of money?]

The news spread like wildfire, inciting comments and jabs that just grew worse as time wore on.

Many posted comments to Tate Industries’ Tweeter account. Some even went to Eric’s Tweeter page and warned him against Avery Tate.

[Eric, your goddess is a cheater! She has conned Elliot off 1.5 billion dollars!

Watch out for your wallet! Don’t be cheated by her!]

[Eric is too kind, which is why he didn’t know about Avery’s true colors! Thank god the person that got cheated was Elliot and not our Eric!]

[Big hugs to my sisters who bought Tate Industries’ drones because of Eric. I feel disgusted looking at my drone at home]

Elliot had gotten himself drunk on a Friday afternoon, and he had spent the past two days sleeping. He had turned his phone off, so, he was completely unaware of what was going on on the internet.

Chad could not get to him, so he contacted Ben. [Ben, this magazine has crossed the line! How could they say that Mr. Foster has been the victim of a scam? They make him sound like an idiot! It’s infuriating!]

Ben typed, [I saw this too. Not only did they turn Elliot into an idiot, but they also made Avery out to be a cheater.]

Chad said, [I contacted one of the staff members who is working for the magazine. They were arrogant. Not only did they refuse to delete the article, but they said that as Mr. Foster is a public figure they did not infringe on any of his rights!”

Ben said, [Fortune Tech’s investor is Elliot’s long-time rival. Of course, they would be arrogant.]

Chad replied, [No wonder. If Mr. Foster sees this article. He is going to be mad.]

Ben thought for a while before saying, [Let’s wait till he sees it! This could serve as a good reminder, since he is stupidly in love, and he has spent more than half a billion on Avery. This would serve as a warning for Avery too.]

[But Avery is in Bridgedale. She won’t be able to see this.]

Ben chuckled.

This topic was spreading like wildfire. There was no way that she could miss it.

He wondered what her reaction would be after she saw the article.