When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 56

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 56

“Stop acting like a baby,” Avery said in a low and gentle voice as she wiped down Elliot’s face. “Do you think I want to care for you like this? You stink of booze… Aren’t you a clean freak? Was that all an act? I wouldn’t even bother helping you if your legs weren’t still recovering.”

The sound of her voice calmed Elliot’s breathing, and he was overcome by a sudden wave of drowsiness.

Her voice was like a hypnotic lullaby.

Once Avery finished wiping Elliot down, she pulled the covers over him and tucked him in.

By the time she cleaned up in the bathroom and returned to the bedroom, he was already fast asleep.

She finally let out a huge sigh of relief.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and glanced around the room

The memory of how her every move was monitored and recorded by surveillance cameras for the first three months she was there sent a shudder down her body.

The cameras were probably gone by now.

Elliot was erratic and bad-tempered, but he was not a p*****t.

Avery got up and retrieved her pillow and blanket from her room.

Elliot had woken up several times during the night.

He was not completely sober, so he did not notice that there was someone else in bed with him.

Avery and Elliot ended up spending the night in peace and quiet.

The next day, the warm morning sun crept in through the large windows, enveloping the room in light.

Avery was sound asleep on the bed. Her arm rested on his chest, her slender leg wrapped around his t***h.

Elliot’s splitting headache woke him up and that was when he noticed Avery’s peaceful face right next to him.

A strange feeling washed over him.

Less than a minute after he had opened his eyes, Avery’s eyes slowly opened as well.

As their eyes met, sparks of embarrassment crackled in the air around them.

Elliot’s eyes were still bloodshot, but they were much more focused than the night before.

Avery very quickly realized the awkward positions of her arm and leg.

Seeing as he did not seem bothered by it, she decided to casually dismiss the whole thing and slowly raised her leg off of his.

“You’re looking well-rested. Did you have a good night’s sleep?” Elliot said in a husky voice.

Avery’s leg froze in midair.

“I guess so,” she said with flushed cheeks as she immediately moved her leg away, then changed the subject and said, “You didn’t take a shower last night. Aren’t you going to have one?”

Her words rescued her from the embarrassing situation.

Elliot got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

The moment he was out of sight, Avery picked up her pillow and blanket and fled the room.

That was close!

It was a good thing that nothing had happened.

She prayed that he would forget everything from the night before, including their fight in the car.

Otherwise, the rest of her days would surely be a nightmare.

Although, that disruption of the peace might just be what she needed for a divorce.

That weekend, Tammy and Jun went out on a lunch date.

Since it was their second time meeting, they were much more relaxed around each other.

Tammy was wearing a jacket with wide-legged trousers and a pair of sneakers.

She had on light makeup, and her hair was gathered up in a simple ponytail.

Of all the coincidences in the world, Jun had also shown up in a jacket. Although, his was paired with a pair of jeans and casual sandals.

They exchanged warm smiles when they met.

“You were dressed pretty sexily at the party that night. Here I thought that your hotness was all there was to you,” Jun said with a grin.


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