When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 560

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 560

Mike was in Bridgedale when he saw the article.

He had not been deliberately searching for news pertaining to Aryadelle when he had come across the article. One of the higher-ups of Tate Industries had sent him the article.

The reason they had done so was because the members of the media were calling up the company and trying to get some clarification on the validity of the claims circulating online.

How could the higher-ups know anything about their boss’s private life? They only knew that Avery had gone to Bridgedale. They did not know the reason for her trip, and they also had not known that she had been kidnapped.

When Mike saw the news, he was furious. He sat down and drank his cup of coffee, and by the end of his cup, he still had not decided whether he wanted to inform Avery about the matter.

Avery had been resting at home for the past few days. Apart from mealtimes, she had spent the entire time cooped up in her room.

When she came out to have her meals, she seemed better than she was before Elliot had left.

Mike had thought that she was doing better, and he did not want to upset her with the bad news.

If this thing was not resolved, her reputation in Aryadelle would be completely ruined.

During lunch, Mike said to her, “Avery, how are your injuries?”

Avery was drinking soup. She calmly replied, “Much better.”

“Oh, it’s amazing that you are doing this well without medication,” said Mike with a sigh.

After she had woken up in the hospital, she refused all medication.

“The human body can heal on its own. Medicine just lessens the pain and quickens the process,” said Avery. She finished her soup and placed her spoon down.

“Avery, your phone.” Mike that she was done and gave her phone to her.

She had handed everything to Mike before she had been taken by the men in black.

She picked up her phone and pressed the power button. There was no reaction. Her phone had been set aside for so many days that it had long run out of battery.

“There’s no battery. The charger is in your bag,” Mike said, “Hayden’s teacher has been texting me, asking when will Hayden return to school.”

Avery looked at her son and turned back to Mike. “Mike, take Hayden and Layla back to Aryadelle! I’ll return soon.”

“How can I relax with you here alone?” said Mike, rejecting her idea. “Either we go back together, or we stay here together.”

Hayden and Layla immediately nodded in agreement.

However, the three of them could not beat Avery’s insistence.

“The nanny will take care of me. The bodyguard will protect me. What is there to worry about? I can’t travel long distances as I am,” said Avery slowly and clearly. “The children can’t afford to take a break from school. And someone needs to manage the company. It’s time you head back.”

Mike said, “They’re still young. There is nothing wrong with delaying—”

“I won’t really be able to rest with you here. I’ll be able to better recover if you let me rest in peace.”

Mike was speechless.

Avery continued, “Pack up after lunch! I’ll return in half a month.”

Mike argued with her, “It’s too rushed today. We’ll leave tomorrow.”

Avery said nothing. She returned to her room and charged her phone. After plugging in her charger and connecting it to a plug, she pressed the power button. A few seconds later, her phone turned on.

As expected, countless missed calls and messages popped up on her phone.

Avery tapped Tammy’s message and replied, [I’m fine now. We’ll talk more when we meet.]

It was midnight in Aryadelle at that moment, and Tammy did not immediately see Avery’s message.

After Avery replied to Tammy, she placed her phone down. She needed to go out today. She needed to know who had leaked her information to David Grimes.

The public did not know that she was James Hough’s last pupil, and Wesley did not tell David about her, but David still managed to find her.

Avery had a suspect, but she could not confirm her suspicions, and that was why she needed to head out.