When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 562

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 562

Mike looked at her serious expressions and guessed, “Are you going to compensate him?! We don’t have that kind of money!” Mike exclaimed with a gasp.

Avery looked at him seriously. “How much money do we have right now?”

Mike was stumped. “I have never given much attention to this. You’re the boss! Don’t you know how much money we have?”

Avery had never truly looked into how much money they had either.

“Take the children back to Aryadelle. I’ll head back in a few days.” Avery changed the topic. “Shouldn’t you all head out by now? Don’t miss the flight.”

Mike knew her well, and he said, “Avery, Elliot did not authorize the press release. Chad told me that one of his rivals had done that. They were trying to k**l two birds with one stone. The money that he spent might be astronomical to us but not to Elliot. You don’t have to concern yourself with how much he has chosen to spend. What you need to do now is to look after yourself and the child you are carrying!”

“I know.” Avery calmed down a lot.

“You’re giving him a child. Just take the money as a form of child support!” Mike continued.

Avery looked at her two children who were nearby. “Let’s stop talking about this. Stay safe. Text me when you reach Aryadelle.”

“Hmm. If you’re not back in a week, I’m coming to get you,” Mike said.

“We’ll talk about it then!” Avery sent them out of the door.

Once they left, Avery returned to the mansion. She returned to her room, changed her clothes, and got her bodyguard to send her to Alpha Technologies.

She needed to ascertain how much money she had at that moment. One and a half billion was no small amount of money. It was not money she could throw at him in a fit of anger.

When Mike arrived in Aryadelle with the two children, Chad immediately came to Starry River Villa.

His pretext for coming was to cook for them. Once he was there, he pulled Mike into the kitchen for a private talk.

“Has Avery seen the news?”

Mike said, “Hmm. Tammy must have told her.”

“Oh, Mr. Foster got our lawyers to sue the magazine,” said Chad. “What was Avery’s reaction after seeing the news?”

“What do you think her reaction would be?” Mike asked rhetorically.

“From what I know about her, I think she would want to return the money to Mr. Foster,” said Chad. “But I don’t think she will be able to come up with that amount of money in such a short period of time.”

“Hahaha! You got that right! However, she does not know how much money she has. She went into business not to make a profit, but to find something to do.” Mike could not help but recall how lost Avery had looked when she had asked him how much money they had.

“She probably founded Alpha Technologies so that she could rebuild Tate Industries,” said Chad. “But based on the growth of the company, it does not look like she will have such a hard time coming up with the one and a half billion dollars.”

“Why must she find a way to return the money?” said Mike. He felt the sting as he and Avery were in the same boat, and it was only natural that he would take Avery’s side. “Elliot forked out the money of his own volition. We didn’t force him to do it.”

Chad was dumbfounded. “Mr. Foster didn’t ask Avery to return the money back. Why are you so worked up?”

“Please don’t tell me that you are trying to find a way to worm your way in here?” said Mike as he glared at Chad. “Did Elliot get you to come here?”

Chad raised his hand and swore, “Mr. Foster is not that low! Also, Avery is pregnant with his child. Why would he want her to return the money?”

A black Rolls-Roice was cruising down the busy road at eight in the evening.

Elliot was sitting in the backseat. He had his eyes closed. Suddenly, his phone rang.

He opened his eyes and looked at his screen. It was a message from Avery.

He did not immediately read her text, instead, he checked the time.

It was eight at night in Aryadelle, meaning it was eight in the morning in Bridgedale.

He tapped on her message.

[I’ll pay you back the money, but I don’t have that much with me right now. I’ll pay you back in installments.]

He had known that she would text him after she found out about the incident online. She was a prideful woman, and there was no way she was going to tolerate being called a con-woman.