When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 563

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 563

Elliot subconsciously gripped his phone tighter.

Their relationship had changed from that of a couple to that of a debtor and debtee. Although it was an ironic relationship, it was still a relationship.

Elliot did not respond to her message. It did not matter that he did not agree with her; she would not listen to him anyway.

After about fifteen minutes or so, his phone beeped again. Elliot tapped on the message and saw that it was a bank notification.

One hundred and fifty-five million dollars had just been wired into his account. The note said repayment.

Elliot looked at the soulless series of numbers. The light in his eyes dimmed gradually.

This was perhaps all the money she could afford at that moment.

After Avery wired the money, she just stared at the phone. She felt slightly lost. “Has he not seen it?” she thought.

“Forget it,” she thought. She had already sent him the message. He would see it sooner or later.

Avery slid the phone into her bag and took the bag with her. She had contacted the police the day before. She hoped that they would launch an investigation into David Grimes. She wanted them to find out who David had met before he had gotten his hands on Wesley.

Although David was d**d, his men were still alive. The police conducted their investigation as per Avery’s request. They questioned a few of David’s men, and they produced a detailed statement.

Avery went there to collect the report.

In a blink of an eye, a week has passed. Avery had said that she would return in a week, but she did not return.

Mike felt gloomy after he spoke to her. Chad had made the correct call. Avery was going to return the money. As she did not have enough money on her, she had accepted a few other extra jobs.

The fact that she was James Hough’s last pupil had spread all over Bridgedale.

The wealthy were willing to pay her high fees just to get a consultation. Avery needed the money, so she agreed to treat those who were willing to pay her. It was the reason she could not return to Aryadelle.

“I can’t believe she is doing all this for money. Does she not care about herself or the child while she goes running around treating others,” thought Mike. He was so troubled by it that he called Chad. “I should have guessed that she is the type to do something like this! She never listens to me!”

Chad furrowed his brows. “Why are the two of them so stubborn?”

Mike walked over to the bar and poured himself a glass of wine. “I’m seriously afraid that she is going to tire herself out.”

“Why don’t I talk to Mr. Foster, I’ll try to persuade him to not take Avery’s money. I’ll tell him that she won’t be able to take the extra load that she is taking on to repay him,” said Chad.

Mike said, “I’m afraid that talking to him would be pointless.”

“I still have to try! We won’t know how long their standoff is going to go on for if we leave them be!” said Chad before he hung up.

He mustered up the courage and knocked on the President’s office door.

Elliot was talking to Shaun. When he saw Chad suddenly entering, he furrowed his brows.

“Mr. Foster, I have an important that I need to talk to you about,” said Chad as he walked to Elliot.

Shaun saw what was going on and left.

There was a fire in Elliot’s eyes. “You’re getting more and more brazen!”

Chad lowered his head. “I was just speaking to Mike, and he told me that because Avery is trying to repay the money you spent on her as quickly as possible, she is taking on many house calls. She has not fully recovered, and she is pregnant. This will definitely affect her health if you allow this to continue. Why don’t you get her to stop paying you?”

When Elliot heard what Chad had said, his heart constricted tightly! His face turned blue!