When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 565

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 565

Elliot picked up the cup of hot coffee on his desk and took a sip. The coffee was bitter, just like his current mood.

Avery had always been doing things her way. She had always been selfish. She had never considered how she felt. Even if they went their separate ways, she still found ways to torture him.

It was lunchtime for Central University’s elite class.

A boy took his lunch and walked over to Hayden.

“Hayden, the woman that conned Elliot Foster out of one and a half billion dollars on the news is your mother, right!” The boy who had approached Hayden was called Daniel, and because he was so fat, everyone called him Fat Dan.

“My mother is not a con-woman!” Hayden said angrily.

“I know. If your mother was a con-woman, Elliot Foster would have made things difficult for your mother,” Fat Dan asked curiously, “Your mother should be fine right now, right? She’s at home, right?”

“My mother is abroad.”

Fat Dan adjusted his glasses and looked at Hayden intensely. “Oh… why is she not returning?”

Hayden furrowed his brows.

Fat Dan said, “Hayden, please don’t be angry with me. I didn’t call your mother a con-woman. I’m just curious. Will Elliot ask your mother to return the money? Do you have enough money to cover the amount he had used? If your mother does return the money, will she still have enough to send you and your sister to school?”

Hayden picked up his lunch box and stood up.

“Hayden, don’t leave! I didn’t call your mother a con-woman…” Fat Dan immediately chased after him. “Hayden, even if your mother is a con-woman, I won’t hate you! We are still friends!”

Hayden left quickly. He did not want to deal with Fat Dan.

In the evening, the bodyguard took Hayden home. Hayden was clearly unhappy.

When Mike returned, the bodyguard told Hayden about the incident. Mike immediately went looking for Hayden.

“Big H, did you get into a fight with your classmate today?” Mike bent down and patiently said, “I promised your Mommy to take good care of you and Layla. I don’t want you to feel bad. If you won’t tell me, I’ll call your mommy and tell her what happened in school.”

Hayden initially pursed his lips. He did not want to tell Mike anything, but he also did not want Mike to tell Avery anything.

“Fat Dan called Mommy a con-woman.”

“D**n it!” Mike said angrily. “Your Mommy is not a con-woman! Elliot forked out that money willingly. Also, after your Mommy found out about it, she began to try and find ways to pay him back. I’ll send you to school tomorrow, and I’ll also have a chat with your teacher. I’ll get your teacher to talk to Fat Dan.”

Hayden looked up. “Mommy is going to return one and a half billion dollars to Elliot?”

Mike said, “Yes! I told her not to pay him back, but she refuses to listen to me. Elliot did not even ask her for the money. That amount of money might not be a small amount, but it would not affect Elliot in any way either.”

Hayden lowered his gaze. His eyes sparkled.

“Hey brat, don’t go thinking like your mommy. Don’t go thinking that you should return the money,” said Mike, clearly seeing through Hayden. “Your mommy gave birth to you and Layla, and now, she is carrying a third child. Don’t you think Elliot should give her some form of child support?”

Hayden said, “We don’t acknowledge him as our father, so we don’t need his child support!”

Mike got up and crossed his hands “I just don’t want your Mommy to be so stressed out. Do you know how much one and a half billion dollars is?”

Hayden strode over to his room. Mike followed after him. “We’re about to have a meal, where are you going?”

Hayden replied, “I’m going to look at the price of Beta Currency.”

Mike was baffled. “You bought Beta Currency? Since when? When did you get into this? Your job right now is to get an education. You should not be dabbling into investments.”

Hayden said, “I got it as blackmail from Zoe.”

Mike’s eyes brightened.

After entering his room, Hayden booted up his computer, logged into his account, and looked at the latest price of the Beta Currency.

“How exciting! How exciting!” thought Mike.

In less than a year, the value of Beta Currency had risen from 1,500 dollars to 7,500 dollars!

Back then, he asked Zoe for 2,000 Beta Currencies. That virtual currency was worth fifteen million at that moment!