When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 567

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“Yes,” Avery said.

“Indeed, your baby is slightly under-developed,” the doctor said after a pause. ” You mentioned that you think your child is twice as small as it should be in your last checkup two weeks ago?”

“Yes. What now?” Avery’s heart sank as she awaited the doctor’s judgment. If the baby had stopped developing, there was nothing she could do even if she wanted to keep it, and she was prepared for the worst.

“Can you show me the ultrasound report from the last check-up?” The doctor set the ultrasound sensor down and passed her a piece of tissue paper.

She accepted the tissue and took out the ultrasound report from her purse. She passed it to the doctor as she wiped her belly.

After inspecting the report, the doctor said, “Though the baby isn’t developing as it should, it has grown since the last scan, and it will continue to grow. If you want to keep the baby, you need to take good care of yourself and make sure to get enough nutrition. We’ll just observe things for now.”

Avery felt her heartbeat return to a normal rate after hearing the doctor’s prognosis.

The doctor printed the ultrasound report and handed it to her. “Have you done the screening test for Down syndrome?”

Avery shook her head.

“You can do it now,” said the doctor in a neutral tone. “Have you already had your breakfast? If you haven’t then you can get the test done today.”

The test for Down syndrome was to check if the fetus had trisomy 21, or if it had any inherent defects in the nervous system. If diagnosed with Down syndrome, the baby could be born with intellectual disability, delayed growth, and many other difficulties pertaining to the development of its organs, and it could even be born with deformities.

Avery knew that she could take the test, but she did not have the courage to do so.

“What should I do if the test shows that something is wrong with the baby?” she thought in fear.

Though she had decided that she would carry the baby to term, facing reality was still a difficult thing to do, and it required no small amount of courage.

“Miss. Tate, your child is slightly under-developed, so it is crucial that you do the test,” said the doctor, noticing her hesitation. “If the baby isn’t healthy, we might need to terminate the pregnancy. This is the best for you and the child.”

“The best choice…” Avery mumbled.

“Yes. There is no cure for Down syndrome at the present. Miss Tate, I know that you are a skilled neurosurgeon, but still, there is nothing you can do about this. If you can’t guarantee your child a normal life, it is best you stop the pain before it even starts.”

The doctor’s words helped Avery regain her composure.

When Sage had argued with Elliot about the baby, she had mainly yelled at him because she was emotionally compromised. She had blamed him for neglecting the health of her baby, and she had also blamed him because he had been rather cold when it came to discussing the child. It was why she had told Elliot that she would carry the child to term, irrespective of the repercussions.

“Write me a referral letter!” she said.

The doctor complied and handed her the letter once he was done. “I wish both you and your baby good luck.”

“Thank you.” She accepted the letter and made her way to the laboratory. There were a lot of patients waiting there, and she had to wait there a while before it was her turn.

After taking her blood, the doctor informed her that the results would be out in a week’s time.

“Will there be an electronic copy of the results?”

“Yes, we will email it to you.”

“Sure, thank you.”

After exiting the hospital, Avery bought her ticket for her flight back to Aryadelle. Out of habit, she wanted to send her flight details to Mike, but she hesitated.

Mike could not control himself, and he would tell Chad everything, and Chad was loyal to Elliot.

After some thought, she deleted the message. She had decided that there was no longer any need to tell Mike everything from this point on.

The next day, Avery exited the airport with her luggage in hand. She was in the capital of Aryadelle.

She had become an infamous scammer who had tricked Elliot into giving her one and a half billion dollars. Therefore, she wore a cap and a face mask to hide her face. She also wore an oversized t-shirt to hide her pregnancy bump, a checkered long-sleeved button-down shirt, and a pair of sneakers.

She caught a taxi after exiting the airport and told the driver the address of her mansion. As the car drove off, she took out her phone scrolled through the contacts list until she found the number she wanted, and then she hit call.