When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 576

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The interview was posted online by the reporter. The video became an instant sensation on the internet.

The previous rumors that had been circulating had already gotten plenty of attention, and this was the first time that Avery had ever publicly paid any attention to it.

Her admission that the rumors were true shocked everyone. What was more shocking was that Elliot had not sued her or requested any kind of compensation. It made everyone curious, and they truly began to wonder whether Elliot was as gullible as Avery had said he was.

Elliot had returned to his office in the Sterling Group building. He had been in a meeting for an hour. When he came back, he saw that there were countless messages on his phone. Every message was followed by a short clip. He scowled and played the video.

“Miss Tate, we heard that you scammed Elliot Foster out of one and a half billion dollars, may I know if this is true?”

“It’s true.”

Everyone was instantly rendered speechless.

“You have to be joking, Miss. Tate. If it’s indeed true, why hasn’t he sued you?”

“Because Mr. Foster is far too rich, and one and a half billion dollars means nothing to him.”

Elliot’s expression immediately darkened. Had he not seen her face and heard her voice, he would never have believed it to be true.

The door was pushed open, and Ben walked in laughing.

“Elliot, have you seen the video? Hahaha! Did you p**s her off?”

Elliot set his phone down and took a sip of water out of the glass.

“She seems to be doing fine.” Ben walked toward him and said, “You two haven’t met since she came back, have you?”

Indeed, they had not met in person, but they had already gotten into an argument.

“Do you want to see her?” Ben asked. “I can figure something out if you do—”

“I don’t want to.” Elliot placed the glass down. “If we meet, it’s either she pisses me off, or I p**s her off. She is pregnant right now, and I don’t want to get her angry.”

Neither did he want to get angry himself angry, so it was best for them not to meet.

“Can’t you two communicate properly?” Ben sighed. “At least do it for the baby! You can’t let the kid come into this world without a father!”

“She doesn’t want me to be the father of her children.”

“Then be more forceful! You can’t let her get whatever she wants.”

Elliot gave Ben a look. “She won’t accept me even when I’m not being forceful; she is going to resent me if I try to be more forceful.”

“… But you can’t just let her be. Her belly will begin to show in a month or two, and people will start trying to guess who the father is.”

“Let’s wait until then. My head is hurting.”

“Hahaha! She is a piece of work, and you can’t seem to give her up. Must be because she isn’t like other women.”

Outside the office, Chelsea’s expression darkened as she listened to their conversation.

Elliot had admitted that he could not give up on Avery and that he was going to take responsibility for the child once she began to show.

“Naha!” she thought, “What if Avery never shows?”

Chelsea was not daring enough to harm Avery’s baby in any direct way, but there were indirect methods that one could use to bring about a m*********e. After all, if the mother was to be placed under a lot of emotional stress, the fetus would suffer as well.

After attending the summit, Avery stepped out of the hotel with her bodyguard.

Suddenly, her phone started to ring, and she took it out to answer the call.

The caller said something and she smiled before hanging up.

Confused, the bodyguard asked, “Who called, Miss. Tate? Why didn’t you say anything?”

Avery placed her phone back into her purse and said, “You will find out later.”

Once they were in the car, Avery gave the bodyguard a name of a restaurant.

The bodyguard drove and guessed, “Did Elliot Foster ask you out, Miss. Tate?”

The smile on Avery’s face froze at the mention of Elliot’s name. “Why would you mention his name? Do you think I’d be this happy if he is the one asking out?” The bodyguard kept quiet down.