When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 577

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 577

A while later, the car stopped outside a restaurant.

Avery went inside and walked directly into the VIP room.

“Eric, is this your day off?”

Eric had booked a private room in a restaurant near Avery’s company and invited her to a meal.

“Yeah, I am free this morning.” Eric pulled out the chair for her. “Thank god, you came back safely. I was so worried.”

Avery sat down, and before she could respond, her attention was caught by a card resting on the table. “What’s this? Is this your bank card?”

Eric sat down next to her. “Yeah. Take it and pay Elliot back.”

Without a moment of hesitation, Avery pushed the card back to him and said, “I don’t want it, Eric. I might owe him money, but he is not forcing me to pay him back. I pay him back when I want to, and I can stop whenever I feel like it.”

Eric pushed the card to her stubbornly and said, “Now that you have broken up with him, it’s best to pay him back as soon as possible! Avery, you saved my life, and I will give you every penny that I earn.”

His eyes glittered, and each word he spoke shimmered with sincerity. “I didn’t resurface as an idol because I love my job; I resurfaced so that I could be useful, and so that I could help you in your time of need.”

Tears welled in Avery’s eyes at his words.

“Eric, I really can’t accept your card. I’m happy that you are buying me a meal, but I can afford to pay Elliot the money I owe him. Have faith in me, okay?” Sensing the slightly heavy atmosphere, she forced a smile, “Seeing you again, after not having seen you for a while, really makes me think that you look more handsome than you were before!”

“Don’t change the subject.” Eric shoved the card into her hands. “Just hold onto this for me, and give it back when I get married.”

Avery did not know how to reject such a request.

“The password is your birthday,” he added.

“Why are you telling me the password?”

“I have a poor memory. Just remember it for me.”

Avery fell speechless.

Three days later, the foundation was officially established, so Chelsea proceeded to send the bank account details of the foundation to Avery.

Avery immediately transferred three hundred million upon receiving the details.

Chelsea was stunned when she saw the massive transaction, and it took her a few minutes to recover. “How does Avery have so much money? She paid him a hundred and fifty-five million before, and now she is giving him three hundred million! Does her business make that much money?” she thought.

Chelsea immediately told Elliot about it.

Elliot scowled.

“Where did she get this much money from?! Who did she borrow it from? Who has the money to help her? Can it be Eric Santos?!” He thought.

Instantly, he was enraged.

Avery set her phone down after completing the transaction and starting working. After twenty minutes, she noticed that the screen on her phone lit up from the corner of her eyes. She picked it up and noticed a new message.

It was from the hospital she had gone to in Bridgedale. They had sent her the results from the test.

Her heart sank when she read the message.

[Down Syndrome: Low Risk; 18-trisomy syndrome: Low Risk; Deformity in Nervous System: High Risk.]

“High Risk?!” she thought as she tightened her fingers around the phone, “So there really is something wrong with my baby?!”

Elliot drove to Tate Industries with the full intention of confronting Avery as to where she had obtained the three hundred million dollars from. If she had gotten the money from another man, there was no way he would accept it.

He barged in. He did not have an appointment. He strode to the elevator and punched the button.

The elevator doors slowly slid open, and the first thing he saw was Avery’s flushed face stained with tears.