When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 579

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 579

Elliot gazed out the door, but Avery had already driven away.

“Urn… Sorry! I thought you made her cry!” Mike dragged him to the elevator by the arm. “Let me get you a drink. She told us to leave her alone, so it’s better that you stay away from her for now.”

Elliot scowled. “You really don’t know what’s wrong with her?”

“Not a clue! She was fine when she showed up to work this morning. Why else would I think that you pissed her off?”

Elliot followed Mike into the elevator.

“Do you know how she managed to get three hundred million, then?” Elliot asked. “She paid me three hundred million today, and according to what I know, both companies combined can’t rake in that much cash.”

“You came looking for her to ask her about this?”


“I don’t know!” Mike was not going to tell him the truth. “She even keeps things from me now, since I’m rather close to Chad. She thinks I’ve shifted loyalties.”

Elliot’s eagle-like eyes locked onto Mike’s face.

Feeling uncomfortable, Mike forcefully changed the subject. “You are dating Chelsea to p**s Avery off, right? Aren’t you worried that she might get so angry that something happens to the baby?”

“Are you telling me that I still need to remain faithful to her, despite the fact that she dumped me?” said Elliot.

“Well, no, but that does not mean that you have to start dating Chelsea so f*cking soon now, do you? Can’t you wait until she gives birth to the baby?”

“What makes you think she cares if I date another woman”

“What makes you think she doesn’t care?”

“She dumped me!” snapped Elliott. “If she does care, why would she dump me?!”

The anger oozing from Elliot made Mike s*****w nervously.

The elevator arrived at the designated floor with a bright ‘Ding’, and the doors slid open.

The two stepped out of the elevator and walked to Mike’s office.

“Elliot, have you ever tried to figure out why she dumped you?” said Mike after he had closed the office doors.

“She blames me for agreeing to the surgery without first getting her consent. She blames me for not putting the baby first,” said Elliot. His analysis was methodical. “She does not think that I would make a capable father, so she does not want to raise the child with me.”

Mike scowled. “You are both right and wrong at the same time. Though she doesn’t trust you, she still loves you! She broke up with you out of fear that something might go wrong with the baby, and she is trying to take it on all by herself.”

Elliot’s lips curled into a sarcastic sneer. “Did she say that?”

“What the f*ck are you smiling at? What’s so funny?!” Mike cursed. “If Shea had not improved, you would still be keeping her in that golden cage that you had built for her. If something were to go wrong with the baby, are you going to keep it locked in a cage too? Keep it from seeing the outside world?”

Elliot’s expression darkened at Mike’s words. “I was keeping Shea in a golden cage? Is that what you think of me?!”

“What do you mean if that’s what we think of you? Isn’t what I said the truth?! Who else knew of Shea’s existence? Didn’t you hide her because you were ashamed of her?!” Mike’s voice grew increasingly somber with each word spoken.

He knew that Avery did not have the courage to tell Elliot this, so he laid all the cards on the table. He did this so that Elliot would be aware that Avery had not heartlessly broken things off with him, and so that he would realize how cruel he had been.

Elliot clenched his fists and a cold light shone in his eyes.

He opened his mouth, but words failed him. Not all pain was meant to be shared with outsiders.

Avery was lying on a bed in the hospital. She was getting ready to undergo amniocentesis.

The doctor had advised her to get one done since the results of the test for Down syndrome were not favorable. If further tests yielded unfavorable results, the pregnancy would have to be terminated.