When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 581

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 581

“He is too busy today to pick up the phone.”

“Alright!” The staff member compromised and said, “Wait here, Miss. I will get the person in charge.”

Two minutes later, the staff came back with Chelsea.

Chelsea was surprised to see Tammy and asked, “Why are you looking for Elliot? He’s busy.”

“It’s an ordinary event, are you telling me that it can’t go on without him?” Tammy asked sarcastically. “Does he not have time to take a sip of water or use the bathroom?”

Chelsea did not waver despite Tammy’s assertiveness. “What exactly is it that you need, Tammy? Considering the fact that your husband is friends with Elliot, I will pass your message to him.”

“I don’t need you to pass my message! Let me in. I will leave after I have a few words with him!” demanded Tammy in frustration.

“I would let you in if this is an ordinary event, but there are a lot of important people here today, and I can’t just let you in. If you don’t want to leave a message, fine. I am busy too, and I don’t have time to waste on you.”

Chelsea had guessed that Tammy was looking for Elliot because it had something to do with Avery. Naturally, she could not allow Tammy in.

Tammy knew that Chelsea was being difficult. “Chelsea Tierney, who do you think you are to stop me from going in when you are aware that my husband is friends with Elliot?! Do you think you represent Elliot? Not even Chad dares to talk to me like this! Who do you think you are? You are just Elliot’s dog!” said Tammy.

Chelsea’s eyes grew red at the insult. “Since you said that I’m his dog, then all the more I have to keep you from entering the venue. Even dogs have their jobs, and mine is to guard my master’s door!”

Enraged, Tammy raised her hand and slapped Chelsea across the face.

The bodyguards and staff around them gasped. One of the staff walked up to Chelsea and whispered, “Miss Tierney, are you okay? Should we chase this woman out?”

“Can’t you tell that we can’t mess with her?!” said Chelsea sarcastically despite her burning cheek. “Inform Mr. Foster that she is here, and get him to come here.”

The staff member immediately went inside to look for Elliot— who appeared shortly after.

He glanced at Chelsea’s face before looking at Tammy.

“Elliot, your PR manager got in my way and refused to let me in. I wonder who gave her the power to act like that with me?!” said Tammy.

Chelsea lowered her head at Tammy’s words and said, “I’m sorry, Elliot. It’s not that I was trying to keep her out on purpose, but when I enquired as to her reason for being here, she refused to tell me. So, I did not dare let her in.”

The glint in Elliot’s eyes grew extremely cold. “Tammy Lynch, who gave you the right to strike someone?”

“It’s her fault for getting in my way! I told her that I would leave after I had a few words with you. Is that not enough of an explanation?! Did she think I was going to stir trouble once I got in? Does she know who I am?” By this point, Tammy was nearly shouting at Elliot, and she had completely forgotten why she was here to begin with.

“Apologize!” snapped Elliot sternly, “Apologize to Chelsea!”

“Dream on! How can you side with her, Elliot? I was wrong about you! I thought that you could b**e the responsibilities of fatherhood, but I should have never placed my faith in a dirtbag like you!” hissed Tammy unable to bear her anger any longer. “No wonder Avery doesn’t want to be with a man like you! She saw you for who you really are!”

Elliot had never struck a woman before, but Tammy had pushed him past his boiling point.

The fact that Tammy had struck Chelsea and had refused to apologize was not the main reason for his overwhelming anger. It was what she had just said about him incapable of being a proper father, her calling him a dirtbag, and Avery not wanting to be with him because she had seen him for what he really was which tipped him over the edge.

He slapped Tammy across her face. Her head snapped to the side under the impact of the slap.