When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 583

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 583

Elliot remained silent for a while before asking, “Did she tell Avery about this?”

“No. She probably won’t tell Avery… for now at least.”

“Why?” Elliot was curious as to why Tammy had come looking for him.

Jun hesitantly told him the truth, “Tammy came looking for you to tell you that there’s probably something wrong with Avery’s baby. She was in the hospital with Avery earlier today.”

Elliot swallowed hard and the light in his eyes faded.

“Maybe that affected Tammy in some way too, and that was why she was so desperate to find you,” said Jun. He was speaking on Tammy’s behalf. “Tammy isn’t a bad person.”

“I know,” Elliot responded in a hoarse voice before hanging up.

“There’s something wrong with our baby, he said…” thought Elliot. “So, there is something wrong with the baby, but Avery hasn’t said anything to me. Does she plan on keeping everything to herself? Would I have not heard a thing if Tammy hadn’t come?”

Feeling as though he was being stabbed in the heart, Elliot dragged his feet to the exit of the event hall.

“Elliot, dinner is about to start. Where are you going?” Chelsea strode toward him and grabbed him by the arm.

He flung her hand away and barked, “Leave me alone!”

With that, he stormed off.

Chelsea watched him disappear into the crowd. At that moment, with his back to her, he looked very alone, and her heart ached. She did not have to guess that he was going to see Avery. Tammy must be looking for him because of Avery.

It was evening, and Hayden was in Starry River Villa when Shea called him. She called him to tell him that she was learning how to drive, and she promised to take them both Hayden and Layla out once she had gotten her license.

“That’s so impressive, Shea! You can drive now!” Mike exclaimed.

“Wesley said that I should learn anything I feel like learning.”

“Wesley is right! There are so many possibilities for you! Once you learn how to drive, tell your brother to buy you a luxury car!” Mike teased.

“We already have a lot of cars at home. I’ll just take one of them!”

“Drive your brother’s black Rolls-Roice!”

“I don’t like black. I like red cars.”

Just then, a black Rolls-Roice stopped outside Avery’s mansion. Elliot pushed the car door open and got out of the car. He walked up to the gate and rang the doorbell.

Coincidentally, Avery had just finished dinner.

She strolled out of the dining room and gazed out at the entrance to find Elliot standing quietly at the gate. The sunset drenched his white shirt and black trousers a deep orange.

His soul-piercing eyes locked onto her the moment she appeared, and her heart sped up.

“Why is he here? Did… he find out?” she thought.

Seeing her frozen by the door, he rang the doorbell again.

Avery lost her composure at the urging of the doorbell. She took a deep breath and walked to him. She opened unlocked the gate and stepped out. She was worried that he would interrupt the children’s mealtime if she had just left him there.

“Avery, why didn’t you tell me that something is wrong with the baby?” He grabbed onto her slim wrist, barely containing himself.

“What’s the point?” Avery looked at him and asked, “Should I tell you because you want to tag along for the a******n?”