When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 585

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 585

“You are telling me that you earned three hundred million within weeks? Why don’t you explain to me how you manage to earn that much?” He could not believe her, and he advanced on her. She retreated. They continued till Avery’s legs knocked against the bed.

“Why do you care how I got it? You have a say when it comes to the baby, but you have no right to control me!” She shoved him in the chest.

“Monitoring you is the same thing as monitoring the baby!” He stood still and his eyes grew dark. “As long as the baby is still inside you, I have the right to control you!”

Avery thought him to be ridiculous, but she did not know what to say in refutation. So, she responded with a half-truth, “The payment is for a surgery I had performed.”

The three hundred million dollars came from Elliot. It was the amount he had paid Zoe when she had “treated” Shea. All Avery did was take back what was hers. She did not feel bad about it.

“Who?” He could not quite believe her explanation. “Who gave you that much money as payment?!”

“It’s okay for you to pay Zoe that much, but not when others do the same? Or is this just you having a hard time accepting that there’s someone else richer than you?” said Avery. “What an arrogant man you are!”

“Avery, does it hurt you when you don’t p**s me off for even a day?” He grabbed her by the nape of her neck and leaned forward until their faces were almost touching.

She inhaled his unique scent, and it ignited a fire within her.

“What are you doing?” she blinked, and her breaths grew heavier. “If you try anything, I’m going to scream!”

As soon as she made the threat, his thin lips landed on hers. She tried to fight him, but he had wrapped his long arms around her body, and she could hardly move.

After some time, he was finally content, and he let go of her.

Avery’s eyes were red, and she could not conceal her anger and grief. She shoved at him again and said, “Do you know what you are doing?!”

To her surprise, he crashed against the clothes rack behind him. Immediately, he steadied himself against the cabinet next to him. Though he did not fall, the rack shook and caused Avery’s phone to topple.

The contents of her purse scattered across the ground, so he immediately squatted down to pick up her purse and everything else.

Her purse did not have many things in her purse apart from some tissue paper, headphones makeup powder, and a few packets of medicine.

While he was putting everything back into the purse, he caught sight of a card in one of the compartments of her purse. It was a black card, and he took it out.

“Don’t touch my stuff!” Avery panicked when she saw the card in his hand and instantly started sweating.

It was the card Eric had given her for safekeeping, and she had forgotten to take it out after putting it into her purse. Elliot flipped the card and saw the signature on the back of the card: Eric Santos.

“Your stuff?” He held the card between his fingers and asked giddily, “Why is Eric Santos in your purse? How did this become yours?”

His tone became increasingly harsh and his expression grew darker.

“I meant don’t touch my purse. I didn’t say that the card is mine!” She snatched her purse back and tried to reach for the card in his hand.

He stood up abruptly and raised his hand. She could not get the card.

“Did he give you three hundred million? Did he?!” He swallowed hard and roared, “When have you two started dating?! If I hadn’t come across this card, how long do you two plan on lying to me about this?!”