When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 586

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 586

She stared at the pained and frustrated expression on his face and for a moment, she could not say a word.

Elliot had come to the conclusion that Avery and Eric were in a relationship. If Avery had been him, she would have misunderstood as well. After all, under what circumstances would a woman accept a card from a man? A woman would only do so if the two were extremely close and had nothing to hide from one another. When she had dated Elliot, they had still been in their honeymoon phase, and she had never accepted his card.

Thoughts came to a screeching stop when she saw his tears.

Feeling as though she was being strangled, she frantically tried to explain herself. She found it difficult to breathe. “Elliot… He just asked me to keep the card safe for him… I didn’t spend his money…”

“Really?” Elliot tightened his fingers around the card. “If that’s the case, I will return this to him on your behalf.”

With that, he picked the clothes rack off the ground and walked to open the door.

The faces of Mike and the children appeared before him. He looked cold, and he walked past them without a word.

“Mom! Did he bully you?” Layla ran into the room and gazed up at her mother’s face.

Avery forced a smile and hung her purse back onto the rack. “He didn’t. He doesn’t dare to when you are all at home.”

“Avery, I heard everything.” Mike stepped inside with a heavy heart. ” Is there something wrong with the baby?”

Suddenly, it made sense that she was crying that morning.

Avery pretended to be strong and said, “It has not been confirmed yet. There is just a huge risk, but we still need to wait for the results.”

“Oh, then don’t get prematurely upset,” said Mike. “I talked to a doctor, and he said that babies aren’t as fragile as we think they are. Usually, things would settle down once you are past the first three months of pregnancy.”


“I got into an argument with him when you had left, and I sort of blurted out…everything,” said Mike, scratching his head awkwardly.

Avery scowled. “What did you say?”

“Urn… I accused him of mixing up trapping Shea and caring for her,” said Mike. He paused for a bit and then said, “I also told him that you still loved him… I told him to keep away from Chelsea… or at least wait till you have a baby before dating her.”

Confused, Avery said, “You should really not say anything at all if you don’t know what to say! Who told you to tell him all that? He definitely thinks that I told you to tell him all of this. No wonder…”

“No wonder Elliot kissed me! He thinks that I am still in love with him after hearing what Mike said!” she thought.

She covered her mouth awkwardly. She desperately wanted to hide inside a hole.

“Don’t think too much about it. Right now, your main mission is to take care of your body,” said Mike. “Don’t you think he knows that you still love him? He’s no fool and neither are we.”

“Fine, I’m the fool, then. Okay?” Avery pushed Mike out of the door. “Get out! I don’t want to see you right now.”

Mike immediately went out of the room with Hayden and Layla.

Avery felt completely drained. She lay down on her bed and rested her hand on her stomach. Tears fell from her eyes as she remembered Elliot’s eyes filling with tears. Though she did not want to admit it, she had never been immune to his tears. No matter the grudge, her defenses would always crumble whenever he showed weakness.

A man as tough as him would never shed a tear unless he was really hurt.

She held her breath.

All Avery had done was hold on to Eric’s card, and Elliot had exploded. “What will happen if I married someone else?” she thought. “Elliot has been flirting with Chelsea, so why can’t I date another man?”

Two hours later, a post appeared on social media with the title: [President of Sterling Group, Elliot Foster, was seen slapping a young woman outside a hotel!]

Along with the post was a screenshot of the surveillance footage which showed that Elliot had indeed struck a woman.

No matter the status of a person, whenever physical abuse between a man and a woman was exposed, there would definitely be plenty of discussion surrounding the matter.