When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 59

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“I heard that you’re not interested in selling, which is why I won’t bring that up,” Charlie said. He decided to cut to the chase and said, “I’d like to become a shareholder.”

Avery’s eyes instantly lit up.

“Are you serious about this, Mr. Tierney?” she asked.

“Of course, I am. However, there are two things I need to discuss with you before we sign the contract,” Charlie said as he pulled out a document. “This is a proposal that my team and I put together. Tate Industries won’t make it for long if it continues on its current course. We’re running a business, not a charity. Firstly, only profit can ensure a company’s sustainability in the long run.”

Avery pulled out the document from the folder and roughly sifted through it, and said, “Can I bring this proposal back and discuss it with my team, Mr. Tierney?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you,” Avery said as she picked up her glass and took a sip of water.

She then stared earnestly at Charlie and asked, “What was the other matter you wanted to discuss?”

Before she arrived, she did not expect their meeting to go this smoothly.

Now that the most important part of their meeting was settled, she finally felt like a weight was lifted off of her shoulders.

“I’m Chelsea Tierney’s brother,” Charlie said honestly. “I’m her half-brother, to be exact.”

The second those words escaped his mouth, the calmness on Avery’s face instantly vanished.

Chelsea Tierney… Charlie Tierney…

It was no wonder that she felt there was something familiar about Charlie.

He was Chelsea’s brother all along!

Avery had never gotten along with Chelsea, and now, her brother wanted to invest in her company…

Was this a joke?!

She could not help but wonder about Charlie’s true intentions for wanting to invest in Tate Industries.

“I don’t have a typical sibling relationship with Chelsea. We have different mothers, and my father made me the heir to the family business…” Charlie explained.

“Are you telling me all of this because you know that I don’t get along with your sister, Mr. Tierney? Did she tell you about it?” Avery asked cautiously.

“She’s always been obsessed with Elliot Foster. Since I know about your relationship with him, I expected that she has made things difficult for you even without her telling me about it.”

“That’s right. We have a terrible relationship. Which is why I need to go back and properly think about the possibilities of working with you,” Avery said straightforwardly.

Charlie did not expect her to react this fiercely.

“Miss Tate, as the successor of Tate Industries, you should be prioritizing your company’s well-being. You have hundreds of employees whose survival is dependent on you. Your affairs with Chelsea are none of my business. You shouldn’t fling your frustration with her at me. I’m innocent.”

Charlie’s tone was soft and gentle. It was difficult to be angry with him no matter what he said.

“I’m not a professional leader, Mr. Tierney. Things between Chelsea and I aren’t as simple as you think. As her brother, it’s only natural for me to have my reservations about you,” Avery said.

“Give it some thought, then. I’ll be waiting for your answer,” Charlie said with a confident grin on his face.

Avery nodded, then got up and left.


The news of Trust Capital’s preparations to invest in Tate Industries spread like wildfire in the business world.

Elliot’s brows furrowed tightly upon hearing about it.

Charlie was a self-serving egoist.

He was certain that he had ulterior motives for investing in Tate Industries.

Although they had known each other for years, they were not close. If it were not for Chelsea, they would have lost touch with each other a long time ago.

“Elliot, I called Tate Industries earlier and was told that Avery had met up with Charlie Tierney today and agreed on a collaboration… If he invested a hundred and fifty million, Avery would have a hard time rejecting him, especially because he will purely be an investor and will have no involvement in the company’s operations,” reported Jun.

Elliot narrowed his eyes, and his voice was chilling as he said, “It looks to me like he wants to use that money to buy Avery, not the company!”


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