When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 591

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 591

Avery did not think the same way as Elliot did. If Elliot had slapped her, she would resent him for life. She would have gone to the hospital and gotten an a******n out of spite.

When she thought about it that way, she secretly thought that Elliot might never look for her ever again.

A week had passed, and Tammy and Avery were in one of the most elite restaurants in the city.

The bruise on Tammy’s face was almost gone, and Tammy had asked Avery out for a meal. Tammy fully intended to buy Avery a meal.

Initially, Tammy had invited the children, but Wesley had taken them and Shea out.

“Avery, Elliot did not go looking for you for the past few days, right?” said Tammy, worry tinting her voice.

“Hmm.” Avery ordered a few dishes and passed the menu to Tammy.

“I heard that he has been at home for the past few days. He never left the house.” When Tammy said that she could not help but laugh. “I don’t really hate him anymore. For real. It really tickles me that now he is feeling worse than I am. After all, his family is much wealthier than mine. His status is also much higher than mine. Hahaha!”

Avery found it hard to laugh. However, Tammy’s happiness infected her too.

“Avery, how are you feeling?” Tammy changed the topic. “In a week, you’ll get your checkup results. I dreamed about it last night, and I woke up in cold sweat—”

Avery said, “I’m eating and sleeping well, and I don’t feel uncomfortable.”

Perhaps it was because she was already expecting the worse, so she did not dwell too much on the potential results.

“That’s good then!” Tammy ordered and passed the menu to the waiter.

After the waiter left with the menu, Tammy said, “Jun is planning to take me on a holiday. We are going to relax. It’s almost the summer holidays; why don’t you take the kids and we’ll go have fun!”

Avery immediately rejected the idea. “You’re going on a holiday with your husband. I’m not going to be the third wheel. Furthermore, Hayden has got summer camp, and I’m planning to sign Layla up for summer camp too. My tummy is getting bigger, and it is getting harder to care for them.”

“I don’t think your tummy is that big. Other pregnant women’s tummies are much bigger! Even if they are only five months pregnant, it looks extremely big!” Tammy wondered out loud, “Wasn’t it more tiring when you had the twins?”

“That was six years ago. I was still young, and I was pretty fit. Heck, I was still in university when I gave birth to them!” Avery sighed, “I didn’t feel as tired.”

Tammy was just about to say something when she caught a familiar figure standing at the entrance of the restaurant from the corner of her eye.

Chelsea was wearing a long red dress. She was accompanied by a lady wearing a white dress. They both entered the restaurant.

“What an unlucky day!” Tammy said coldly, “Chelsea is here.”

Avery followed her gaze and looked at the entrance of the restaurant.

Perhaps it was because they were not trying to hide their stares, but Chelsea caught sight of them too.

The lady dressed in white looked at them too.

At that moment, Tammy realized that something fishy was going on!

“Avery, that lady in white looks a lot like you! At first glance, I thought she was you!” Tammy said in shock. “If you weren’t sitting next to me, I would have thought that she was you.”

Avery noticed her too. “Where did Chelsea find someone who looks almost identical to me?” thought Avery.

“Avery, wait here,” Tammy said before walking over to Chelsea. Tammy wanted to have a closer look at the lady clad in white!

It took Tammy two minutes to complete her assessment, and she returned to her seat.

“Avery, I think she did something to her face. I think she specifically did it to you like you! I could immediately tell that her face looks fake! However, men might not be able to that she has done something to her face!” said Tammy. “Chelsea must really be working hard at trying to get Elliot to fall for her. I’m guessing that she is going to present that lady to Elliot.”

Avery’s expression darkened. She lost her appetite.

Then, she heard a commotion that appeared to be coming from the entrance of the restaurant. Avery looked at the entrance, and she saw Elliot. He was dressed in a dark-colored shirt and pants. He was traveling under the protection of his bodyguard.