When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 593

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After Avery finished her meal, she placed down her utensils.

Tammy followed suit. “Let’s go! Do you want to do some shopping? If you want to shop, I’ll accompany you.”

Avery shook her head. “I had too much food. I’m a little sleepy.”

“I’ll send you back,” Tammy grabbed her bag and walked over to Avery, helping her up.

Avery suppressed her laughter, “You don’t have to be so cautious. I can walk on my own.”

“I just want to hold onto you!” Tammy touched Avery’s tummy. “It sure does look quite big. You’re wearing baggy clothes, so it doesn’t look like it, but when I touch it, it’s obvious. It’s like a huge watermelon.”

“It’s clearly a small watermelon,” replied Avery.

“Have you ever seen such a huge small watermelon? Sigh. We should be able to see the child’s face already, right?” Tammy asked.

“Hmm. I saw the baby on the ultrasound scan when I was in Bridgedale.”

“Who does the baby look like?”

Avery was silent for a few seconds before saying, “It looks like itself.”

“Is the baby a boy or a girl,” asked Tammy nosily. “You should be able to find out the s*x of the baby when it’s four months old, right?”

Avery said, “I didn’t ask.”

“Okay then! Go back and rest well. I’ll accompany you to the hospital next week. I’ll be with you when you get the results.”

In the evening, Avery received a call from Tammy.

“Avery! I’m d***g from laughter!” Tammy chuckled infectiously and said, “The lady we saw this afternoon is Chelsea’s younger cousin! Chelsea had indeed presented her cousin to Elliot, but he had rejected her! Hahaha!”

Avery listened to Tammy quietly.

“Because her cousin looks a little too much like you, she wound up annoying Elliot instead! Hahahaha!” Tammy could not stop laughing. “Your slap has really traumatized him!”

Avery’s heart constricted tightly. She secretly sighed. She had completely broken up with Elliot.

It was a good thing, as she would not have to discuss the child with him in the future.

A week had gone by and Avery had left her house early in the morning. She drove to the hospital, parked her car, and went to a nearby cafe to have her breakfast.

She had not been able to sleep the night before, and she looked rather pale.

She physically felt the effects of her sleepless night, and she felt extremely exhausted. However, she was eager to know the results, and she found it impossible to sleep.

Once it was eight in the morning, she immediately headed to the hospital to collect her results.

Tammy found herself in front of Avery’s mansion an hour later. She had come to pick Avery as they had agreed upon.

Tammy entered the mansion and was about to head upstairs when the nanny said, “Avery is sleeping, don’t wake her up.”

“Okay! I’ll wait for her here until she wakes up,” said Tammy, and she made herself comfortable on the sofa.

A black Rolls-Roice parked behind Tammy’s car half an hour later.

Elliot got out of the car and walked over to the gate and rang the doorbell. Tammy saw his huge figure from afar and she was instantly baffled!

She ran upstairs to the master bedroom to wake Avery up!

“Avery! Elliot, that j**k is here! He must be here because of the child’s report!”

Avery was sleeping soundly when Tammy woke her up. It was an uncomfortable way to wake up.

Groggily, Avery pointed at her bag on the table and said hoarsely, “The results are in the bag. Give…it to him.”