When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 595

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 595

Avery had been trying to get back to sleep, but listening to the commotion, she no longer felt the urge to sleep.

“Let’s do it now then!” Avery headed upstairs to grab her bag.

A moment later, she returned with her bag in hand.

Elliot’s gaze fell on her tummy. “Avery, do you not have a lift at home?”

“No.” She knew what Elliot was thinking. He was worried that she would exhaust herself climbing up and down the stairs. She, however, did not feel exhausted at all.

Even if her tummy were to get bigger during the later stages of her pregnancy, she could still carry herself up and down the stairs.

“Either you move downstairs, or you install a lift. Your choice,” said Elliot in a tone that brooked no argument.

“How am I going to install a lift? Are you asking me to tear down my house?” Avery glared at him. “If I can’t climb the stairs anymore, naturally, I’ll move downstairs.”

Avery strode out of the house with Elliot following her.

When the bodyguard saw the two of them coming, he immediately opened the car door for them. They got in the car and headed to the hospital.

The atmosphere in the car was cold.

Elliot suddenly stretched out his hand and pressed a button. A screen rolled up, separating the front and back portions of the car.

Avery was baffled.

“Avery, since the child in you is fine, then give birth to him.” Elliot was afraid that Avery had forgotten their deal, so he reminded her about it. “The child is mine. When you give birth to him, he will take my surname, and I will raise him.”

Avery furrowed her brows. “You’re going to raise him? Do you even know how to raise children?”

Elliot replied, “I have money. I can hire a professional babysitter.

Avery said, “You weren’t this insistent previously. Is this because I hit you and you resented it, so you decided to steal the child from me?”

“What do you mean to steal? The child is mine!”

Avery saw that Elliot was not going to give in. Her lips moved but no words came out. If he insisted Avery would not have a choice but to give the child up.

“Also, I don’t resent you for hitting me,” said Elliot. “But you hitting me does make me realize that you are not worthy of my love,” he said. Each word that left him was well articulated.

His words were like needles pricking her heart. It was not extremely painful, but it was still uncomfortable.

Avery lowered her gaze. She had hit him, so she has lost her right to speak.

“Avery, you’re the first woman ever to hit me.” Elliot’s mask vanished, and he sounded hurt. “If you loved me, you would never have hit me.”

Although he had yelled at her countless times, not once had he hit her. He would rather harm himself than hurt her.

Avery was ashamed.

“I want the child.” Elliot quickly collected his emotions, and his voice became cold once more.

After a while, the car arrived at the hospital. Elliot escorted Avery directly to the ultrasound department.

The head of the department personally attended to Avery. Once Avery had lain down, the head of the department placed the scanner on her stomach.

The child’s face instantly came on screen.

Elliot stopped breathing! His deep-set eyes looked at the child’s animated face on the screen.

Avery saw the child’s face too. The child looked exactly like Hayden.

The head of the department glanced at Elliot and said with a wide smile, “The child looks like the father!”

Then, the head of the department moved the scanner further down. The child’s body could be clearly seen on the screen.

The s*x of the baby was clear.