When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 596

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 596

“Congratulations! It’s a boy.” The head of the department pointed at the child’s body on the screen.

Elliot swallowed and said hoarsely, “Let me have a look at his face.”

The head of the department immediately moved the scanner up. It was a pity the child had already turned around. At that moment, they could only see the side of his face.

“I have saved the photo of his front face.” The department head tapped the screen and showed Elliot the child’s photo. “Mr. Foster, your son looks just like you! It’s already so obvious.”

Elliot looked at the child’s photo. His heart softened. This was his first time perceiving the child as a human being. He suddenly understood why Avery had been so angry with him. She had seen the child as a human being faster than he had.

“I’ll print the photo out for you later,” said the head of the department. “Let me have a look at how this child is developing.”

Elliot nodded.

A moment later, the head of the department said, “The child is on the smaller side. The mother needs to increase her nutritional intake. She has to rest more and not overexert herself.”

Elliot looked at Avery. Avery blushed a little. She got down from the bed and left. A moment later, Elliot walked out with the ultrasound scan.

They entered the lift without speaking. As the hospital was crowded, there were many people in the lift.

Elliot was afraid that Avery would be crushed, so he stood facing her, bracketing her with his arms.

Avery could feel his gaze burning into her. She quickly looked down.

Soon, the lift reached the ground floor. He took her hand and led her out. The act felt so natural.

“Avery, the doctor said that the child is not growing too well.” Coming out of the lift, Elliot said, “You’re going to be giving birth to him in three to four months’ time. Why don’t you stop working for the time being! If you need money, I can give it to you.”

Avery pulled her hands out of his grip. She looked at him. “The doctor did not tell me to stop working.”

“The doctor asked you to rest more. You are a doctor too—” Elliot grabbed her hand once more. He did not let her go.

“I don’t think I need to stop working just because I’m pregnant,” said Avery. “I don’t think I’m feeling uncomfortable. If I’m not feeling uncomfortable, I can work as usual.”

She was carrying the child, and Elliot would not be able to stop her if she wanted to work.

“Next time when you leave the house, you have to tell me,” commanded Elliot.

Avery found it hard to believe. “I’m a pregnant woman, not a prisoner under house arrest! I don’t need to report to you! Don’t try to threaten me with the child!”

Elliot furrowed his brows. “What do I need to do for you to understand that I’m caring for you, not harassing you!”

“Maybe other women would like your ways of so-called “caring”, but I don’t.” Avery took her phone out and hailed a taxi.

“I’ll see myself home. We’ll see each other at the next monthly checkup. Other than that, there is no need for us to have any contact.”

He had told her that she was not worthy of his lover, and now, he was telling her that he wanted the child. Avery could not tolerate his pretentious kindness!

If she did not have his child in her womb, he would not have cared for her.

Elliot watched as Avery vanished into the distance. He clenched his fists tightly. She always found a way to make him suffer.

However, she did not only make him suffer. Soon, she was also going to give him another son. It was not like she had left him with nothing.

When he returned to the office, he switched on his computer. Chelsea knocked on the door and entered.

“Elliot, I heard that you went for a checkup with Avery. How’s everything?”

When Chelsea finished talking, she saw the ultrasound scan on the desk.