When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 599

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Avery’s secretary faced the camera and smiled. She said with an insuppressible excitement, “Good evening, everyone! Welcome to Tate Industries’ live stream! I’ll cut to the chase! Please give a hand and welcome our President, Miss Avery Tate!”

A deafening round of applause rang out.

Avery was in a V-neck evening gown. The gown exposed her perfect figure. The dress exposed her baby bump, hiding nothing!

The other person that appeared on stage together with her was Eric! He helped her with her train.

There was an influx of viewers the moment he appeared on screen. The viewership continued to grow.

Comments kept coming in too!

[Back when Tate Industries was in trouble, Eric appeared and helped them! This time, Eric is in trouble and Tate Industries lends him a helping hand! I’m so touched by this friendship!]

[I will always remember the brands that canceled their contracts with Eric! I will never buy their products again! I will remember Tate Industries! I will be the first one to buy their new products in the future!]

[Eric is so hot! Ahhhhhhh! Babe! No one can boycott you ever! No! One!]

[Has anyone noticed Avery’s baby bump? She is pregnant! Whose child is it? Could it be Eric!]

[Avery’s child can’t be Eric’s! Eric has said if he ever was in a relationship, he would tell his fans!]

That night Avery was wearing a s**y evening gown, and her makeup was immaculate.

She was so attractive that standing next to Eric did not diminish her beauty. They were a match made in heaven.

Avery accepted the microphone from her secretary. She faced the camera, smiled, and said, “Hello everyone. Hello to everyone online, and hello to all my friends in the media who have chosen to attend. I believe that everyone has seen today’s news. This absurd incident happened so suddenly that I had to show Eric our support for him. So today, I’m happy to announce that Tate Industries has officially signed Eric to be the spokesperson for all our products!

“In the past, Tate Industriens had faced some trouble, and Eric had bravely stood up for us. He helped us through a tough time, and I will forever be indebted to him. So, from today onward, Tate Industries and Eric Santos will walk into the future hand in hand. I believe that nothing can’t be overcome.”

Upon hearing Avery’s words, the audience burst out in rapturous applause.

At the same time, the fans of Eric who were watching the live stream started swiping streamer gifts!

When Avery’s secretary saw the fireworks playing on the screen, she could not help but exclaim, “Miss Tate! Eric’s fans are giving us a lot of gifts!”

Avery firmly said, “Turn off the gifting function.”

The secretary immediately shut down that function. The comments online went crazy!

[No wonder Avery is Eric’s goddess! From today onward, she is also my goddess!]

[If we can’t swipe gifts, then I can only buy their drones!]

[To all of Eric’s fans! Only Tate Industries is supporting Eric. Let’s go boost Tate Industries’ sales! Supporting Tate Industries means we are supporting Eric!]

The brands that had terminated their contracts were bewildered. Elliot had forced them to drop Eric as their spokesperson, and they had terminated their contracts with Eric because of Elliot.

However, Avery was live-streaming her collaboration with Eric. “What the h**l was going on?” they thought.

One of the brand managers comforted them, “Don’t worry! Mr. Foster will surely teach Avery a lesson! By tomorrow, she will surely cancel her contract with Eric!”

“But I heard they were once in a relationship.”

“That was in the past! Mr. Foster is now single.”

“Oh, whose child is Avery carrying? Do any of you know?”

“No matter who it is, it is definitely not Mr. Foster’s!”

Elliot was watching the live stream. His brows furrowed tighter and tighter.

The gown that Avery was wearing accentuated her b*****s. She had her pregnancy bump on display too. On top of all that, she looked stunning. It was as if she had transformed into a completely different person.

His eyes were cold, and he looked like he could m****r someone!