When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 60

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 60

“Is Avery worth that much?” Jun asked, slightly shocked.

“She’s worth that much because she’s my wife,” Elliot said as an icy chill rose in his eyes. “If she were not married to me, Charlie Tierney wouldn’t bother with any of this.”

Jun was even more confused than before.

“If he wants to give Avery the money, then let him! Isn’t this just him throwing free money at her?”

“She’s my wife!” Elliot snapped.

“Oh, okay… I get it. What do you plan on doing? Increase our offer? She will definitely go with Tierney’s offer if we don’t.”

“Not necessarily.”

“If that’s the case, then why are you so upset?”

Jun could tell from Elliot’s tone that his emotions were all over the place.

Elliot wanted to acquire Tate Industries so that Avery could be free of its debt and troubles.

She was still in college, and she lacked the knowledge and experience when it came to running a company.

It would be better for her to sell the company, pay off the debt, and make some money while she was at it. That way, her and her mother’s lives would be much smoother moving forward.

Elliot came to this decision after considering every aspect, but she did not appreciate any of his efforts.

If Avery accepted Charlie’s investment, he would definitely hold the reins to the running of the company in the end.

“I admire you, Jun. Nobody loves you, and you have nobody to love, so you don’t have to get your heartbroken,” Elliot teased.

“I got a girlfriend today!” Jun responded enthusiastically. “I met her on a blind date. Our fathers know each other, so it’s pretty much a solid match.”

“That’s good. Let me meet her once things are stable,” Elliot said.

“Sure!” Jun said, then added, “Anyway, I think you can talk to Avery about this whole thing. She actually has a mind of her own.”

“Go see your girlfriend!” Elliot snapped.

Just the sound of Avery’s name gave him a headache.

As if he did not know Avery was opinionated.

It was because she was so opinionated that she never listened to anything he had to say.

Meanwhile, Avery was sitting in another cafe and complaining to Tammy on the phone.

“Whether it’s Mr. Z, Jun Hertz, or Charlie Tierney… I can’t help but think that there’s something fishy about them,” she rambled. “Jun Hertz came out of nowhere, told you he had no money but came across as a billionaire in front of me. Charlie Tierney, on the other hand, knows full well that I don’t get along with his sister but insists on investing in my dad’s company. I wouldn’t be so suspicious if people were fighting to get a piece of Tate Industries, but nobody is interested in us at all!”

Tammy took a sip of the iced tea in her hand and said, “Let me deal with Jun Hertz. As for Tierney, why can’t you get along with his sister?”

Avery was taken aback.

She had spoken too quickly and let that slip.

“If you don’t trust Jun Hertz, then don’t work with him! Otherwise, you’d be in a mess if he sells you out in the end. I bet he’s a genius, so you won’t be able to keep up with him,” said Tammy.

It was a good thing that she did not decide to get to the bottom of her earlier question.

“I’m sure the company’s management will insist on accepting Trust Capital’s investment,” Avery said.

“You’re the boss! Who cares what they think?”

“I’m not technically the boss. I never signed the contract!”

“Now that your vice president is gone, who would go against you? Just make the decision yourself, Avery. Don’t think too much about it… Oh, Jun’s here. I’m hanging up now!”


When Avery returned to the Foster mansion that evening, there were guests in the house.

“Miss Tate! It’s the weekend, did you go out to hang out with your friends? Have you had dinner? If not, come join us!” Ben said with a grin as he got up from the couch.

The sight of Ben made Avery recall Elliot’s drunken shenanigans the other night.

“I’m not hungry… You go ahead! I’ll eat later.”

Avery did not want to join them for dinner at all.

Just then, she caught a whiff of the fragrant scent that drifted from the kitchen.

Her stomach immediately began to growl.

“Hahaha! Join us, Miss Tate!” Ben said as he led Avery into the living room. “I heard that you found an investor today, but why don’t you look happy about it?”

“Do you know Charlie Tierney? He’s Chelsea’s brother,” Avery asked.

Since Ben seemed to know about Charlie’s offer, she decided to ask questions.