When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 602

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 602

If Avery did not look for Elliot tonight, she would surely lose sleep. She hoped to get Eric’s career back on track as soon as possible, or she would continue to lose more sleep over it.

After a short moment of hesitation, she came out of her room. The children were already asleep. The entire house was silent. She could even hear her heart beating.

“Why am I afraid?” she thought. She was pregnant with his child. He would not harm her no matter what she said or did.

The nanny and the bodyguard had left for the night. Avery drove to Elliot’s mansion on her own.

Forty minutes later, she had parked her car by the gate. She came out of the car. The guards saw her face clearly with the help of the streetlights and immediately opened the gates.

Avery was pregnant with Elliot’s child and no one dared stop her.

Avery walked to the door of the mansion. Mrs. Cooper immediately came over. She helped Avery with her shoes.

“I can change them on my own,” Avery immediately stopped her.

Mrs. Cooper said, “Avery, you’re pregnant right now. Don’t bend down if you can. Mr. Foster said that you’re coming, so I made you some soup.”

Even though Avery had eaten, she was still quite hungry.

“He told you that I’m coming?” Avery’s heart skipped a beat.

“Yes! He got me to prepare some food.” Mrs. Cooper helped Avery with her shoes and led her to the dining hall. “I made your favorite food, but I don’t know if you still have the appetite for them. They said that pregnancy changes one’s preferences!”

Avery was a little shocked. She had come for Elliot and not supper. However, Mrs. Cooper was a little too enthusiastic, and it was hard for Avery to refuse her.

After sitting down at the dining table, Mrs. Cooper served her three different types of food and a bowl of soup. She had also prepared some potatoes, and she placed them in front of Avery.

After taking a sip of the soup, Avery asked, “Is Elliot asleep? I’m looking for him.”

It was almost eleven. Avery regretted her impulsive decision a little.

Mrs. Cooper said firmly, “No. He knows that you’re coming. How could he have gone to bed? Once you’re done eating, I’ll go get him.”

Avery let out a sigh of relief. “Hmm. The soup tastes good.”

“Drink less, if not you might have to get up to pee in the middle of the night. That will affect your quality of sleep.” Mrs. Cooper smiled, but her eyes seemed rather sad. “Avery, your tummy is quite big already, you shouldn’t get angry so often. If there are any problems, communicate them well…”

Avery said, “Hmm, I will talk to him properly.”

After supper, Avery stepped out of the dining hall. Elliot was dressed in casual loungewear, and he was sitting down. She did not know when he had come downstairs.

Avery walked over to him. She was about to say something when he said, “Why didn’t you wear that s****y dress over? Am I not worthy enough for it?”

His cold voice caused ripples in her calm heart. She wanted to talk to him properly, but Elliot clearly had no intentions of doing so.

“Elliot, don’t be unreasonable! I’ll wear what I want!” Avery blushed. She sat on the sofa opposite him. “It’s late. I’ll cut to the chase. Stop boycotting Eric. This thing is between us, and I don’t want it to affect innocent people.”

“Innocent? He wants to become my child’s stepfather. Do you think he is innocent?” Elliot smirked and sneered, “If I don’t teach him a lesson, that baby face will disrespect me!”

“Can you stop using such harsh words? He asked me to keep his card, and he told me to return it to him once he got married. I’ll return it to him when the time comes. That is why I had it!” shouted Avery.