When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 604

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 604

Dawn soon came.

The media and other news outlets all had one topic:

[Elliot Foster: I Did Not Boycott Eric Santos.]

The headline was straightforward and eye-catching!

Tapping the headline, one could see the entire press release. Although the article was not long, its intention was clear. Elliot pointed out that he was not familiar with Eric. He did not boycott Eric. He would not do it then, he would not do it in the future.

The brands who had canceled their contracts with Eric were bewildered!

“What did Elliot mean! What did he mean! Was Elliot a hypocrite’?” they thought.

Elliot’s phone was blasted with calls and messages, but that did not affect his sleep because his phone was off.

Everyone could not get to Elliot, so they called Chad instead. Chad had been drinking the night before. His head hurt terribly when he woke to the shrill ringing of his phone. He was suffering from a hangover.

Who would have thought that his head would hurt even worse when he picked up the call!

“News? What news? Mr. Foster would never say such a thing!” Chad got up and looked for his glasses. “Don’t panic. Let me ask him what it is all about before giving you all a reply.”

After hanging up, Chad put on his glasses and simply opened one of the news apps.

When he saw the news article, he furrowed his brows in shock. He sat there for a long time wondering how this could have happened.

“What happened?” Mike noticed that Chad sat there without moving, so he sat up as well.

Chad showed Mike the article. “Avery must have gone to look for Mr. Foster last night. Mr. Foster will never approve an article like this. He would never say something like ‘I didn’t do it’. This is not his style.”

Mike glanced at the news and said distractedly, “Are you saying that Avery sent this article out?”

“Yes.” Chad rubbed his temples. “It’s too awkward. The brands that dropped Eric are all baffled. They must think that Mr. Foster is suffering from a split personality.”

Mike could not help but laugh, “Why are you affected by your boss’ humiliation? Furthermore, he was the one who got himself into this mess. I can only say that he deserved it!”

“B****y h**l! I must quickly think of a way out,” said Chad as he tried to call Elliot. Elliot’s phone was switched off. “He must still be asleep,” thought Chad.

Chad also tried calling Avery. Her phone was off too!

“Why is Avery’s phone off too? I suspect she must have spent the night at Mr. Foster’s.” Chad wanted to confirm his suspicions, so he called the landline.

Mrs. Cooper picked up the phone.

“Mrs. Cooper, did Avery come looking for Mr. Foster last night?” Chad asked.

“Hmm! They are still resting!” Mrs. Cooper said with a smile.

Chad’s face turned hot. “Okay, I understand.”

The sun was shining through the window of the master bedroom. Elliot slowly opened his eyes. He caught the unique scent that could only belong to her.

Looking at Avery sleeping soundly, he gentled him. He liked it when she was silent and obedient. How good it would be if she could always stay submissively by his side.

He could not help but stroke her cheeks. The instant his fingers came in contact with her skin, she furrowed her brows a little. Avery let out a very soft hmm. She sounded like she was disagreeing about something.

Elliot could not bear to wake her up, so he stopped touching her. When he covered her with the sheets, he saw her baby bump, and his heart melted. Inside her was their son. He looked forward to the arrival of the little baby. He would work hard to be a good father.

Elliot actually did not hate children. He was only afraid that his children would inherit his sickness. Thus, he would rather not have kids than painfully pass on his sickness to them.

This was a pain he could not tell anyone.

After tucking her in, he got out of the bed. He washed up and headed down for breakfast.

Mrs. Cooper saw how spirited he looked. She smiled and said, “Chad called just now.”