When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 605

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 605

“What did he say?” Elliot sat in his chair, picked up the glass of milk, and took a sip.

“He asked about Avery and hung up.”

After breakfast, Elliot went upstairs to get his phone. Chad had called him early in the morning. Something must have happened.

Elliot picked his phone up and pressed the power button once. The screen did not light up as expected.

He pressed the power button longer. His phone turned on. He furrowed his brows. He did not remember switching off his phone the night before. “Why is it switched off?” he thought.

Once his phone booted up, a bunch of messages and missed-called notifications flooded his phone. His chest tightened, and he tapped on the messages.

[Mr. Foster, have you seen the news today? I’ve seen it and lost all appetite for breakfast.]

[Mr. Foster, what is your stance on Eric Santos? I don’t understand. I’m in shock.]

[Mr. Foster, are you not boycotting Eric anymore? Can we partner up with him again?]

After looking at the messages, Elliot looked at the woman sleeping soundly on the bed with a cold gaze.

Before breakfast, he had been gently caressing her face, and he thought that he would care for her his entire life.

At that moment, all he wanted to do was to torture her till she begged for forgiveness!

However, the moment the idea appeared, he got rid of it immediately. She was still pregnant with his child. He could not be reckless!

If he wanted to be a competent father, he would have to learn how to control his emotions!

He grabbed his phone and left the room.

When Elliot arrived at the Sterling Group offices, Chad immediately entered his office.

“Mr. Foster, I was talking to public relations just now. Right now, we have two options,” said Chad in a rush, “The first is to deny today’s news and tell them that you did not say anything about Eric.”

After Chad suggested the first solution, Elliot threw his phone on the desk. Chad picked up Elliot’s phone and noticed that it displayed his email account. There was an email that was sent by “him” to some reporter at three in the morning.

When Chad read the message, a chill ran down his back, and it spread through him.

“Uhm, Avery sent this from your phone after you fell asleep?”

Elliot’s gaze was so cold that he looked like he could m****r someone. What do you think?” Would I have done such a humiliating thing to myself?

Chad did not know whether to laugh or to cry. “Then, we can only use the second solution, which is to generously compensate the other companies.”

Money was nothing to Elliot. The thing that made him furious was how Avery had humiliated him! She had crossed a line!

“Why can’t she just talk to me before acting? Did she really have to secretly send such an email?” he thought in frustration.

“Mr. Foster, don’t you have a lock setting on your phone?” asked Chad gently. “Why don’t you set one now just in case something like this happens again?”

“You think I can lock her out?” said Elliot coldly. “She could still use my thumb to unlock the phone while I’m asleep!”

Chad had forgotten about the fingerprint sensor. They had slept with each other the night before, and it was proof enough that Elliot could not resist Avery.

Avery slept till noon in Elliot’s mansion. The only way such a thing could have happened was because no one had disrupted her sleep.

When she woke up, the memories of the night before flooded her mind. Her face turned hot!

Avery did not dare stay too long in Elliot’s house. After dressing up, she quietly went downstairs, deciding to sneak off his property.

“Avery, are you not going to explain yourself?” Elliot held a cup of coffee in his hands. He gritted his teeth and said, “If you dare take a step out that door, I will break your legs!”