When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 608

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 608

Avery was stunned.

Initially, the employees had been privately discussing the matter amongst themselves, but it was obvious last night. When Elliot arrived at the event, he could not keep his eyes off you,” chuckled the vice president.

Avery said, “Eric was also looking at me last night.”

“That’s different. If the child is Eric’s why would Elliot continue harping over you? Elliot is not the losing type,” said the vice president.

Avery turned on her laptop.

The vice president continued, “Elliot boycotted Eric. So many big brands chose to cancel their contracts with Eric because they did not dare to defy Elliot. Only our company dared to take Eric on. Why? Well, because you are carrying Elliot’s child.

“Last night, during the live stream, many of our shareholders called me. They wanted me to tell you to not act so rashly. They told me that Elliot would surely come after you, but look at today’s headlines! I was laughing my head off!

“Miss Tate, the scandal this time turned us into a winner.”

Avery logged into her email and perused the day’s report. The sales last night exceeded the previous month’s sales. It was no wonder the vice president was so happy.

“If this trend continues, Wanda won’t be able to defeat us— so long as our core technology holds, of course,” said the vice president confidently. “Eric is our new spokesperson. He has a huge fan base! Although he has been boycotted, that does not affect his fans buying our products to avenge him.”

Avery nodded. “I’m going abroad the day after tomorrow.”

“Okay. Miss Tate, your stomach is getting bigger. You don’t need to come into the office. Don’t tire yourself from traveling. I will let you know if anything happens,” said the vice president.

Avery said, “Thank you.”

“The company is progressing so well, and it’s all thanks to you.” The vice president sighed, “If your father in heaven could see how well you managed Tate Industries, he would be relieved.”

Avery lowered her gaze. She hoped her father could rest in peace.

That evening, a black Rolls-Roice drove into the compound of the old Foster mansion. Ever since his mother had passed away, Elliot had not set foot in the mansion.

That night, his brother called him and insisted that he come over.

Elliot got out of the car and strode into the living area. Apart from Henry and his family, Zoe was there too.

When The met Elliot’s eyes, she immediately looked down.

“Elliot! You haven’t come here for quite a long time! Let’s go have a meal, and we can talk,” Henry said affectionately.

They entered the dining hall and sat down.

Henry cleared his throat and said, “Elliot, I called you over today because there is something important that I need to tell you. Zoe is pregnant with Cole’s child, and she has been pregnant with his child for over a month. Initially, I was against their relationship, but now that Zoe is pregnant…”

Elliot showed no reaction. “That’s good. If I recall correctly, Zoe told me that she could not get pregnant easily. Since she is pregnant, she should keep the baby.”

Henry let out a sigh of relief upon hearing Elliot’s reply. “I plan to wait until at least three months then I’ll let them get engaged. As for the wedding, we could do it after the child is born. What do you think about that?”

Elliot said, “Just let me know once you set the date.”

Henry said, “Okay! We brothers have not drunk together for a long time! We have to drink tonight!”

Elliot raised his glass and took a sip.

An hour later, Henry’s wife had to help him back to his room.

Elliot had drunk quite a bit too. His handsome face was a bright shade of red.

“Elliot!” Zoe chased after him. She followed him all the way to the front yard. “I really did love you! Even if you’re the unattainable President of the Sterling Group, I still loved you! My love for you was definitely no lesser than Chelsea’s or Avery’s love for you, but why are you so cruel to me?”