When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 609

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 609

“It’s because you are an idiot.” Elliot was drunk, so he did not mince his words. “I paid you three hundred million dollars. You could have done anything with it, and yet, you choose to involve yourself with Cole. That proves that you two are birds of a feather.”

His words had brutally hurt Zoe!

Avery had reclaimed the three hundred million dollars!

If Zoe still had the money, she would not have settled for using the child in her to into a relationship with Cole.

Cole was the best man she could find at the moment.

The bodyguard helped Elliot into his car. Soon, the Rolls-Roice disappeared into the dark night.

Zoe raised her hand to wipe her tears away.

Not far behind her, Cole had both hands in his pockets. He said coldly, “Zoe, look at yourself! You embarrass mel My uncle has long abandoned you, and yet, here you are appearing like a sad Vich! The man that you need to please now is me!”

Upon hearing his mocking words, Zoe turned around. “Cole, when I had money, you wouldn’t dare talk to me like that!”

“You don’t have money anymore! You won’t be able to earn that much money in the future too! You should accept reality and just bear me children. All you need to do is take good care of my parents. I won’t treat you badly.” Cole looked at her like he was doing her a huge favor. “You’re not getting any younger, stop having unrealistic dreams. I’m willing to marry you and that should be honor enough for you!”

Zoe broke down and cried. After her falling out with Wanda, Wanda had completely abandoned her and her father.

Zoe’s father was heartbroken and had returned to Bridgedale. Zoe was not willing to return to Bridgedale just like that. Coincidentally, she found out she was pregnant. She had found that out when she felt sick. So, she used that to tie Cole down.

Perhaps Cole was right. Perhaps that was all there was to her life!

Avery had just finished her shower, and she was helping Hayden pack his things for summer camp.

Layla was following her, busy as a bee.

“Layla, do you want to go to summer camp like Hayden?” Avery smiled and asked.

Layla shook her head without thinking. “Mommy, didn’t Uncle Eric tell you that he is taking me out during the summer holidays?”

Avery was stunned. “Did he say that to you?”

“Yes! He asked if I wanted to be on an entertainment program with him. He said we could have fun while earning money…”

“Layla, this is huge! Why did you only tell me this now?” Avery was stunned. “Are you sure you want to be on a program? Will you be afraid?”

“If I’m with Uncle Eric, I won’t be afraid. Mommy! Let me go play, please!” Layla blinked her huge innocent eyes at Avery. “I spoke to Hayden about this. He said I should go if I wanted to. He said that my being at home would only disturb you, Mommy.”

“So, I’m the last to know about this?” Avery had a look of disbelief on her face. She paused for a while and said sternly, “I don’t agree…”

Layla immediately pecked a kiss on Avery’s cheek. “Mommy, just let me go! I want to experience earning money!”

Avery was speechless.

The next day, Avery and Hayden got on their flight to Bridgedale while Layla and Eric went to the city to film their program.

When Elliot found out about it, his expression turned extremely cold!

It was one thing for Avery to not tell him that she was leaving the country, but it was a completely different thing for her to keep Layla’s debut in the entertainment industry from him.

“Does she really think that I have not figured out that Layla is my daughter? Does she want me to tell her that I know they are my children?!”