When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 61

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 61

“Of course I know him! We used to go out for drinks together all the time! Did he tell you that he’s really close to Chelsea?” Ben said as he deliberately mentioned the main point.

A hint of shock appeared on Avery’s face as she said, “He said they weren’t close.”

“He lied to you, then,” Ben said. “You have to really think about this. Why does he suddenly want to invest in Tate Industries? What’s the catch?”

“Are you saying it could be a trap?” Avery asked.

Ben shook his head and said, “I’m just saying that you need to look at this from every angle. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and gold doesn’t just drop from the sky. You and Chelsea just had a falling out very recently, and now her brother is interested in investing in your company. Aren’t you worried?”

“I am,” Avery answered.

“You have to think about this carefully… Anyway, let’s eat,” Ben said, then hollered, “Elliot! I’m done talking to your wife. You can come out now.”

Avery almost choked at the sound of Ben calling her Elliot’s wife.

Once she was seated at the dining table, Elliot chose a seat further away from her.

Ben brought over a decanter full of wine from the bar.

The wine was properly swirled.

“Would you like some, Miss Tate?” he asked as he placed the decanter on the table and brought over three wine glasses.

Avery shook her head and said, “I don’t drink. I need to work on my thesis later.”

“Oh, I’ll drink with Elliot, then…”

Ben poured a drink for himself and Elliot, then said, “It was a good thing you were around to take care of him when he got drunk the other night.”

Avery coughed, then said, “I didn’t take care of him. He was fine after a good night’s sleep.”

“I guess Elliot isn’t a bad drunk. He’s quiet even when he’s drunk,” Ben said. “He’s not very good at expressing his feelings…”

“I think he’s very good at expressing himself! He loses his temper every time he’s unhappy. I’ve never met anyone who likes expressing themselves more than he does.”

Ben sat in stunned silence, while Elliot’s face instantly turned dark with rage.

“Let’s eat,” Avery said when she noticed Elliot’s change in expression.

She picked up her knife and fork and gobbled up her food to shut her little mouth up.

She finished her food in less than five minutes and left the table.

Ben watched her leave and sighed, “Does she always eat that quickly?”

“She does,” Elliot responded.

“Is she anorexic? She didn’t eat much.”

“Someone who’s actually anorexic wouldn’t touch their food at all.”

“Oh… I guess she’s watching her figure to get your attention.”

Elliot raised his brows and asked, “You think she cares about what I think at all?”

If Avery really cared about him, she would not have embarrassed him earlier.

He used to constantly get enraged by her attitude, but his patience had increased significantly.

“It doesn’t look like it… But her courage to say whatever is on her mind is exactly why you like her,” Ben said.

“When did I ever say that I like her?”

“Drop the act. It’s just the two of us here. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with liking a woman. Avery’s more outstanding than a lot of other women…”

“Outstanding, my *ss. All she thinks about is having kids.”

Ben was left speechless.

In the guest bedroom, Avery turned on her laptop but could not calm her worried heart.

Something was bothering her, and she could not help but feel like something bad was about to happen.

Her phone suddenly rang, and her heart immediately began to race.

She picked up her phone and Cassandra’s name met her eyes.

How dare she call her?!

She was sure that it was for nothing good!


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