When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 610

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Chad could guess why Elliot was angry. He immediately said, “Avery did not want Layla to enter the entertainment industry. It was Layla who pleaded and insisted on trying it out. You know it too. Layla is so adorable. Few could truly refuse her.”

“Layla might be immature, but is Avery? Avery is her mother. She should guide her child not spoil her!” Elliot said sternly.

Chad said, “If Layla were to ask you, could you truly refuse her?”

Elliot’s expressions darkened. “Let’s not talk about whether I can do it or not. I realized that your loyalties are starting to lie somewhere else!”

Chad immediately stated his stance. “Definitely not. I’m only putting myself in Avery’s shoes. If Layla were to come and plead with me, I would definitely give in to her. After all, she is so adorable. I have never seen a cuter girl than her.”

Chad’s a*s-kissing instantly wiped away Elliot’s anger.

Elliot knew that Layla was adorable. After all, Layla looked like Avery. Avery had often made him angry, but he had never once truly taken any action against her. If Avery were to shrink down to Layla’s size, he would only grow softer toward her.

“It must be that baby face, Eric, who instigated this!” Elliot said with furrowed brows. “If he had not approached Layla, she would not have gotten into this.”

Chad nodded. “Yes, Eric was manipulative! He did not discuss it with Avery because he knew she would not agree to it. After all, Avery does have money. She would not allow Layla to sell herself to the entertainment industry. So, Eric must have spoken to Lyla instead and planted the idea in her head, thus, catching Avery off guard!”

Elliot clenched his fists tightly. His gaze darkened.

Chad was afraid that Elliot would do something rash and he said, “Mr. Foster, only a few days ago, you were forced to say that you would not target Eric… Don’t do anything that will cause you further embarrassment.”

Perhaps Eric did cross a line by getting Layla into the entertainment industry, but Chad felt that Eric would definitely take good care of Layla.

Elliot picked up his cup of water and took a gulp, forcing himself to suppress his anger.

“Avery went to Bridgedale to send Hayden to summer camp. According to her, she would be back in two days,” continued Chad. “Avery was afraid that Hayden would not be able to fit in, so she went with him.”

Elliot looked up. “Did she take her bodyguard along?”

“Yes, she did,” Chad said. “Avery is familiar with Bridgedale. She has a lot of friends there too. I don’t think there should be much of a problem.”

Elliot said, “Have you forgotten about how she had been abducted?”

Chad asked in embarrassment, “Then, do you want to head over there?”

“Didn’t you say that she would be back in two days?” Elliot lowered his gaze. He was not worried about her safety, but rather he was worried that he might look pathetic if he were to follow her to Bridgedale. They had just fought, and he was embarrassed.

“Hmm. If you don’t go to Bridgedale, you could go to Konad City to… have a look. Layla’s entertainment program is being filmed at Konad.” Chad paid utmost attention to Elliot’s ego.

Elliot considered it for a while. He did not immediately come to a decision.

Avery and Hayden had landed at Bridgedale, and the summer camp bus was there to take Hayden to the campsite.

The activities were held in a secluded part of Bridgedale, and Avery could not accompany him. She could only wait for the teacher’s comments that would come that night or the day after.

“Miss Tate, let me take you home to rest,” the bodyguard said to Avery.

Avery had slept for a few hours on the plane, so she was not sleepy at the moment.

“I’m going to see a friend. I’ll go home later.” Avery looked at her phone and found her friend’s contact. She dialed.

After making the call, they agreed to meet up at a restaurant.