When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 611

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On the way to the restaurant, Avery said to the bodyguard, “Do not tell anyone of my schedule here, not even Mike. Half his loyalties lie with Elliot now, and I don’t like to be monitored. If anyone asks you about me, just say that I’m resting at home.”

The bodyguard nodded. “Miss Tate, I will not be bought.”

Avery raised her eyebrows and said in surprise, “Has anyone tried to buy you off?”

The bodyguard was stunned for a while before nodding once more. “Elliot’s assistant had tried to buy me off once, but I refused him.”

Avery gasped.

“Chad has already gotten Mike! How dare he still try to buy off my bodyguard!” thought Avery. “Elliot is really trying to get at me from all angles!”

“I’m just carrying his child! Does he really have to worry this badly!” she thought. The more Elliot spied on her, the more she wanted to keep her location a secret.

The car arrived at the restaurant, and Avery met with her former client. The client was overjoyed to see her. “Dr. Tate, my father is doing much better! Thank you so much! I said I wanted to introduce more patients to you, and so, I brought my friend’s medical records here. He told me to do it, and I could not refuse him. If you’re not free or you’re not feeling well, you don’t have to do it.”

Avery said, “Since you already brought the medical records, let me have a look!”

“Dr. Tate, I know that you are kind and noble, and you won’t refuse a case, but you are pregnant. You must be feeling tired, right? Please consider taking on this case after the birth of your child,” said her client out of concern.

Avery nodded. “Okay, since it’s not urgent, I’ll take the medical record back home and read up on it.”

“Sure. Dr. Tate, I have prepared a small gift for you. You have to accept it.” Her client passed Avery a bag. “It’s jewelry. I design jewelry for children, and I know that you have a daughter. Please, give this to her!”

Avery did not want to accept the gift, but she could not refuse her client’s kindness. Plus, Layla enjoyed looking pretty. She would be delighted to receive this gift. After considering it for a while, Avery accepted the gift.

At nine o’clock that night, Avery received a call from one of the teachers at the summer camp.

The children attending the summer camp were not only students from Hayden’s class but children from all over the world. They were all child geniuses.

Avery had not expected the teacher to tell her that not only did Hayden fit in but he had also made some friends with the children from other countries.

Avery was relieved after the phone call. Before she had sent Hayden to the elite class, she had always thought that he had some form of disability, and she had never thought that he was just a lot smarter than the other children his age.

She had never considered his superior intellect to be the reason why he had little patience for the things that amused other children his age.

Avery had to thank Shea. If it were not for Shea, Hayden would still be in an ordinary kindergarten.

It was eight in the morning when Avery received a phone call from Mike. She groggily picked up her phone and answered the call.

“Avery, isn’t it time for you to return? The teacher at the summer camp told me that Hayden is doing very well,” said Mike. “If you are not returning anytime soon, someone will just get antsier and antsier.”

Avery rubbed her eyes. She said hoarsely, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m saying, if you don’t return soon, Elliot might go to Bridgedale!” There was a sliver of mockery in Mike’s voice when he said, “Do you know what he did yesterday? Hehe. That man! He went to Konad City to spy on Layla!” Avery was speechless.