When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 612

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 612

Avery sat up in surprise.

“Don’t worry he just had a look at the program department. He didn’t disturb Layla,” said Mike, “Chad told me that he probably knows that Hayden and Layla are his children, but he is afraid of saying anything as he knows that they don’t like him. Furthermore, you are not willing to let him reconcile with them, so he has been bearing the pain of being separated from them.

“Also, he does not want Layla to go into the entertainment industry,” added Mike. “So please come back and distract him. If he were to make a scene at the program department one day, I won’t be able to control the situation.”

Avery’s head hurt. Due to the time difference, she had not gotten much sleep last night. She really did not want to board a plane today.

“I can’t head back today.” Avery took a deep breath, “My head hurts. I’m planning to stay home and rest.”

“Oh, is that so! If you’re uncomfortable, you should rest well,” Mike said. “Why didn’t you text me when you landed? I have realized that you rarely contact me anymore. Is something going on?”

Avery did not want to break Mike’s heart, so she said, “The phone’s radiation isn’t good for the baby, so I rarely use the phone. If you have anything to say, you should contact the bodyguard.”

Mike said, “Oh… I’m not an idiot. You just think I have switched sides because I’m in a relationship with Chad. You really shouldn’t make such assumptions. If anything happens with Elliot don’t I tell you right away? If it were not for my sacrifice, do you think that Chad would tell me that Elliot went to spy on Layla yesterday?”

Avery thought that Mike made sense.

“Next time, don’t tell him anything about me. Just gather information on him. Think you can do that?”

Mike was speechless.

Avery said, “I’m really sleepy; I’m going to sleep for a little while longer. If there is nothing important, just send a text. I only managed a few hours of sleep thanks to the jetlag!”

“Are you really suffering from jetlag? When I called your bodyguard yesterday, he said that you were sleeping at home. Have you been sleeping for a day and a night?”

Avery was stunned for a while. “Can’t I?”

“If you’re truly resting at home, that’s fine with me. I’m only afraid that you would do something dangerous behind my back, or that someone might do something to you. For example, someone might con you? However, that is a small matter, when compared to you being kidnapped again,” said Mike, revealing his worries.

Avery said, “Am I that stupid? You can’t just assume that I would be in danger every time I’m in Bridgedale! Don’t let the previous incident control you.”

Mike said, “Didn’t they say that pregnancy makes a woman dumb?”

‘There is no scientific evidence for that. Women don’t turn dumb just because they are pregnant. They turn nonsensical when they marry men who force them to bear children and care for the family,” said Avery, taking great care to pronounce every word as clearly as she could.

Mike said, “I’m sorry. Avery, rest well. When you have had enough sleep, please come back.”

Avery hung up. Initially, she had been very sleepy, but after speaking to Mike, she found herself to be very awake.

No matter what, Avery never truly allowed herself to stop working or learning. She got down from the bed and exited her bedroom.

The bodyguard placed the breakfast that he bought that morning into the microwave. Two minutes later, he served her a hot breakfast.

“Miss Tate, when are we heading back?”

Avery said, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow. I’m not leaving the house today. You can rest.”

The bodyguard was rather surprised. “I’ll call you for lunch?”

“Hmm. If I’m sleeping, you don’t have to wake me up.”


Avery took her breakfast back to her room. She placed her breakfast on the table before taking the medical records she had gotten the night before out of her bag.

It was a thick stack of medical records. She wondered what illness this patient had.