When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 615

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“But I can’t wait to go in and have a look!” said Nora. “Elliot, won’t you allow me to follow you. I promise I won’t cause any trouble. Also, as a fan of Dream City, I can give my opinions and suggestions once I have a look inside!”

Elliot pondered her suggestion for a few seconds before agreeing.

Once they had their safety helmets on, they followed the project manager onto the site.

The progress manager gave them updates on every part of the site. He also kept them up to speed on the remaining projects and timelines.

Nora listened attentively, and she would chime in occasionally. It was obvious that she was a true fan of Dream City.

“Nora, after Dream City is completed, I can transfer you here.” Elliot thought that this decision would make her very happy, but there was no smile on Nora’s face.

“Won’t that mean I will be far from Chelsea?” she muttered. “Elliot I can come here every week to have some fun, but please, don’t transfer me here.”

Elliot noticed how flirty she was as she pleaded in a soft and gentle voice. Avery’s face appeared on his mind once again!

Avery was rarely that flirtatious with him. Even when they had first started dating, she was rarely like that.

It was clear to Elliot that Nora was not Avery, but looking at her always reminded him of Avery.

He quickly stopped looking at Nora.

“Elliot, there is one thing I have to tell you.” Nora noticed that Elliot was behaving rather oddly, and she guessed that he was thinking about Avery. “I did not get my face done up to look like Avery. I got a nose job because it had been injured, and the doctor told me that I needed to undergo cosmetic surgery if I wanted to fix it. I’ll show you a few of my old pictures if you like.”

When Elliot heard what she said, he grew even soberer. “No need. You are you, and Avery is Avery. Even if you had gotten cosmetic surgery to look more like her, you will always be different people in my eyes.”

Nora nodded obediently. She turned around and her expression suddenly shifted. She grabbed Elliot, “Elliot, look out!”

Elliot could not react in time. Nora was hugging him tightly!

He quickly turned around to see a metal rod protruding from Nora!

If Nora had not shielded him, the metal rod would have sunk into him.

Nora was in a floral dress that bloomed red with blood.

Elliot tensed and yelled, “Call an ambulance!”

When Avery returned from Bridgedale, she heard a rumor that Nora had been admitted to the hospital because she had gotten hurt saving Elliot.

“Chad didn’t tag along with Elliot, so I don’t know the details,” Mike teased. “I don’t understand. How could a metal rod have come out of nowhere? It was heading right for Elliot too. Did God want him d**d, or did he not pay one of his workers, and they decided that it was time to k**l him?”

Avery ignored Mike’s jabs. She asked, “Are Nora’s injuries serious?”

“Only a scratch.” Elliot had personally sent her to the hospital. He had even reserved a special care unit for her,” said Mike sardonically. “Initially, Elliot didn’t want to see this counterfeit woman, and now, he owes her one.”

Avery said, “Since she’s already injured, you don’t have to talk about her behind her back.”

“Who knew if her injury was deliberate or not. If she could make herself look like you, you don’t know what her limits are,” warned Mike. “Elliot will be looking for you. I’m sure he wants to settle the score.”

Avery yawned. “I’m heading to my room to rest. Wake me up when he is here.”

She returned to her room and slept till evening as Elliot had not come looking for her.