When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 616

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 616

At eight in the evening, the black Rolls-Roice slowly made its way to Starry River Villa.

Mike heard movements and came out of the villa.

“Elliot, it’s late. What are you doing here?” said Mike coldly. “Didn’t you say you’ll come by in the afternoon? It’s already dark. Does your afternoon run on a different clock?”

Elliot looked up and said, “Is there any difference between me coming now and coming this afternoon?”

“Of course there is. If you had been here this afternoon, you would have been able to see Avery, but she is not here now,” said Mike as he stood in the yard. He had not bothered to open the gate for Elliot. “I’m not going to welcome you in while she isn’t around.”

Elliot’s chest constricted tightly. “Where did she go?”

“Tell me what happened this afternoon first. Why did you say that you would come, and then not show up?” asked Mike haughtily.

Elliot swallowed and said in a low voice, “Nora insisted on being discharged this afternoon. I sent her back. Her family insisted that I stay for dinner, and I couldn’t refuse them.”

Mike sneered. “Would you have not been able to refuse her family if they had asked you to stay for the night?”

“So what if I stayed the night! You have no right judging me on high! Where is Avery?” snapped Elliot.

“I don’t know,” Mike said quickly. “It’s pointless for you to glare at me. She told me she was going out for dinner. She did not tell me who she was having dinner with.”

Afraid that Elliot was going to blow, Mike immediately turned around and entered the villa.

Elliot’s gaze darkened. He fished out his phone, found Avery’s contact, and called her.

Avery saw his incoming call. She did not pick up, and neither did she dare decline the call. She was afraid that he might keep calling if she declined it.

Avery silenced her phone and placed it in her bag. She wanted to feign calm, but her expression said otherwise.

Elliot had said that he would meet her this afternoon, but he had not turned up, and now, here he was calling her in the evening. Avery had not thought too much about it at first, but then Tammy had sent her the photo.

It was a photo of Elliot sitting together with Nora. There were other people next to them too. They were having a meal together.

It was a feast. Everyone next to Elliot was smiling, and the harmonious scene was like a family reunion.

Tammy told Avery that Chelsea had posted this photo on social media. Chelsea was the one who had taken the photo. Elliot had delayed their appointment because of Nora.

Elliot could not get to Avery, so he called Tammy. Avery only had a few friends. She was either with Tammy or Wesley.

“Avery is not with me!” said Tammy when she answered the call. “Aren’t you together with the copy of Avery? Is your party done? Are you finally thinking of the real Avery?”

Elliot heard Tammy’s belittling remarks. He did not want to argue with her, so he hung up.

He found Wesley’s contact and called him. It took Wesley a few seconds to pick up the call.

“Wesley, is Avery with you?” Elliot stood by the side of his car, looking at the endlessly dark skies. His expression was glum.

He had gone to Nora’s house today. Her family had shown him photos of what she had looked like. He looked at her photos and realized that Nora did indeed resemble Avery. Therefore, it was probably a coincidence that she resembled Avery. She had not altered her face surgically to look like Avery.

However, Avery’s friends had already determined that Nora was a fake.

“No, why?” Wesley hesitated for a few seconds before replying.

Elliot furrowed his brows even tighter. “She went out for a meal. I thought she would be with her friends. Since she’s not with you, I’m ending the call.”

“Okay,” Wesley said and hung up. He looked at Avery. “How long can you avoid him for?”

Avery lowered her gaze and ate in small mouthfuls. “I don’t want to talk to him right now. When in a bad mood, it’s best I don’t let it explode. Once I’ve calmed down, maybe I won’t be that angry anymore.”

Wesley said, “Although I have never seen the woman who looks like you, I don’t think she will ever be you— even if she looks like you. Your knowledge and capabilities. No one can mimic you. I believe that Elliot knows this.”

Avery replied, “Wesley, as long as I don’t see him, I won’t get angry.”