When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 617

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 617

“Let’s not talk about him then,” Wesley said with a smile, “It’s late. I have to send Shea home. Let’s meet again soon!”

Avery looked at the time and nodded. “Go! I’ll sit here for a while longer.”

Avery had a long nap in the afternoon, and she was still feeling quite awake. Her children were not home. She found it boring to be home, so she stayed out a little longer.

She was the one that had set up the meeting that night. She had brought gifts from Bridgedale for them.

After the two of them left, Avery took her phone out of her bag. She saw Mike’s message, [He left! You can come backl]

Avery replied, [I’m not out because I’m avoiding him. Don’t think of me as a coward!]

[That’s not what I meant! I just want you to come back! It’s dark out! It’s not safe!]

[This country is very safe. Why are you so free? Why aren’t you on a date?]

[I haven’t seen you for a few days! I want to be with you!]

[I’ll be back immediately.] texted Avery. She picked up her bag and left the restaurant.

When Wesley arrived at the mansion, Elliot was there too.

Elliot nodded at Wesley before taking Shea into the living area. Shea was wearing a beautiful bracelet. It shimmered under the lights.

Elliot had never seen her wear that bracelet before. “Shea, did you buy this bracelet today? Or did Wesley give you that?”

Shea said, “Avery gave it to me! I like it a lot!”

Elliot’s expressions instantly darkened. “You all were with her tonight?”

Shea realized that she had let slip the secret. She immediately pursed her lips. Her eyes filled with fear.

“Shea, don’t worry. I’m not angry.” Elliot quickly collected his thoughts. He held her hand and had a good look at the bracelet. “The bracelet is very pretty. Go rest!”

Shea held Elliot’s huge hands tightly. She said in confusion, “Big Brother, did you make Avery angry again? Don’t always make her angry! Avery is a great person. I like her a lot.”

She paused a while before saying, “Wesley never makes Avery angry, which is why Avery wants to play with him.”

The veins on Elliot’s forehead popped.

He had called Wesley that night to ask him if Avery was with him or not. He had said that she was not. The pity that Elliot had felt for Wesley completely vanished that night.

The next morning, Elliot drove to Avery’s. He saw that the gate was shut, and the courtyard was empty. It looked like no one was home.

There was indeed no one at home.

Half an hour ago, Mike and Avery had left for Zirconia. It was the last day of Layla’s shoot, and she could leave after she was done.

They had decided to pick her up.

They reached Starry River Villa at five in the afternoon. As the car slowly approached the villa, they could see Elliot’s tall figure.

Avery did not think that he would wait for her in front of her house. “When did he arrive? How… how long has he been waiting here?”